Meet the Mistral 4 Pie Maker – The Quick, Easy Solution for Home-Made Pies

If you love a good pie and haven’t yet joined the pie maker bandwagon, here’s your chance to add a clever Mistral 4 Pie Maker to your kitchen collection. It’s the ultimate solution, from baking quick snacks to filling the freezer – it’s a complete game changer!

Four pies are better than one

Perfect for families, the Mistral 4 Pie Maker bakes up to four pies at a time, so no one misses out!


Mistral 4 Pie Maker
The Mistral 4 Pie Maker, SO easy to use and keep clean!

The Mistral 4 Pie Maker ticks all the boxes when it comes to a quality kitchen appliance. The unit also features power on and ready light indicators, non-stick cooking plates, and cool-touch easy-grip handles with a secure latch for easy storage. There’s even a pastry cutter included for perfectly cut pastry, EVERY TIME.

Pie makers can bake ALL the things

From traditional Aussie meat pies all the way through to sweet fruit pies, you’ll be surprised by just how versatile a pie maker in your kitchen can be. Not only are they great for baking quick pies from scratch, but they’re also excellent for reducing food waste. You can turn excess fruit (or the uneaten lunchbox survivors) and dinner leftovers into delicious pies (butter chicken curry pies are *chef’s kiss*) and let’s not forget all the hacks too!

Mistral 4 Pie Maker
Savoury or sweet, pie baking is a cinch in the Mistral 4 Pie Maker. Source: Mistral

Pie maker hacks, say what?

Spoiler alert, pie makers are not JUST for pies (believe it or not!). Pie makers are awesome for baking quick treats like cheesecake brownies and jam and cream doughnut buns. You could even get a jump on making fruit mince pies for Christmas and popping them in the freezer. There are SO many options to bake, so you’re definitely going to want a piece of our prize giveaway action!

pie maker jam cream doughnut
Cream doughnut buns are a piece of pie in the Mistral 4 Pie Maker, FOR REAL! Source: Supplied

Where to buy

Getting your hands on a Mistral 4 Pie Maker is easier than you think! Just head in-store to your local Woolworths supermarket or order online at the link below!

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This is a sponsored post for Mistral.

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