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Pass Go and Collect Real Money! Monopoly Theme Park is Coming to Australia

If you’ve ever wanted to shrink yourself into a pewter figurine and take on the Monopoly Board for reals, you’re about to have your childhood dreams come true.

A brand new theme park ( monopoly theme park ) is heading our way and, guess what??!! It’s based on the beloved Monopoly board game. Yes, folks, you can now wander through St. Charles Place, check out the Electric Company, and pass Go to collect real money!

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Known as Monopoly Dreams, the theme park is based on the attraction of the same name in Hong Kong. However, the Aussie version will be even bigger and better!

Where, where, where? 

The 1650 square meter Monopoly theme park will be parked in Melbourne Central and will include 15 attractions across two zones – Monopoly City and Monopoly Mansion, where Mr. Monopoly lives.

When when when?? 

Soon!!! According to Forte Mag, the upcoming amusement park will open September 1st, 2023! 

Families can expect to pay around $30-40 per ticket and the Monopoly theme park is expected to welcome 600,000 people yearly. The indoor venue is expected to cost around $20 million.

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Let’s take a sneak peek inside

Although it comes with serious ‘casino’ vibes, there is a lot more to Monopoly City than what is projected in the rendered images of what the theme park will look like.

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Visitors will pass Go through a neon tunnel to enter Monopoly City – which is designed in the layout of Melbourne – including trams and graffiti. Inside you’ll have the chance to win Monopoly money to spend at the on-site cafe or retail store.

Monopoly City is also home to The Electric Company where visitors can generate electricity on a bike, a railway, and a water works projection game. There is also a bank loaded with flying money!

Monopoly Dreams is also expected to house a 4D cinema which will further enhance the Monopoly board game experience. We’re not exactly sure how – will it be kind of like an escape room or more like an interactive museum? I suppose we will find out soon though!

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Of course, no Monopoly theme park would be complete without a Jail! Like in the game, in Monopoly Dreams you’ll compete against six other people to roll a double (with a huge dice) first.

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There is also a Chance wheel which is where the big prizes will be won! Although we’re not sure what prizes will be up for grabs, there are talks of airline vouchers.

The mega minds between the mega Monopoly board are Derek Lo and Stephan Lo who told Broadsheet,

We want to give out really big prizes … it could be an airline voucher. It’s our passion and mission to bring the good stuff from overseas to Australia.”

A trip to the Monopoly mansion

In addition to Monopoly City, visitors of Monopoly Dreams will also have a chance to wander through Mr Monopoly’s mansion.

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Simply head past the luxurious red and gold lobby and down the lift to check out the magic mirror and a huge gold helicopter hidden inside.

“[The helicopter] will break the Guinness World Record for the largest Monopoly token,” Stephen says.

Stephan and Derek have also shared that this isn’t the only theme park they will be bringing to Australia with plans to open at least 10 more. Stay tuned!

Well, I don’t know about you, but Monopoly Dreams looks like a trip down memory lane definitely worth taking! Will you be taking your family there once it opens?

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Unicorn Island awaits!

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