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My Neighbour Asked me to Babysit her Son and She Never Came Back

A UK woman has shared her heartwarming journey to parenthood after raising a little boy after the mother asked her to babysit and never returned.

Rosalinda, who is now in her 70s, told her story on TikTok, explaining what exactly happened and how the experience led her to become a foster parent to many children over the years.

‘She never came back’

Rewind several decades earlier. Rosalinda was in her early 20s and had recently been told by her doctor that she would not be able to have children.

Shortly after this news, Rosalinda’s neighbour knocked on her door and asked if she would be able to watch her little boy while she went shopping.

“I said of course. But she never came back,” Rosalinda explains.

She then goes on to explain that the little boy, George remained with her until he was 18 when he found his dad and decided to go and live with him.

“When he found his dad and left to go and start a new life with his father, and maybe his mother, I’m not sure.” 

Rosalinda explains in the comments that sadly, she hadn’t kept in touch with that little boy but raising little George triggered something beautiful in Rosalinda and she decided to become a foster parent.

She goes on to explain that her first official foster child was named Adeola and over the years she fostered many children. In 1990, she took in a little girl named Lola who is eventually adopted. Lola is now 30.

Rosalinda journey to being a foster mum - my neighbour asked me to babysit and never came back
Rosalinda with baby Lola and other children she has fostered. Source: TikTok

Rosalinda’s beautiful journey to becoming a mum to so many children has touched the world with millions of views on TikTok.

“Those doctors lied to you – you are the mother we all mothers aspire to be – you’ve changed the world.” 

Rosalinda admitted that the whole “TikTok famous” experience overwhelmed her at first, especially as many comments were very negative towards George which is the last thing she wanted.

Update: George and Rosalinda reconnect

However, in a later video, she explains how, after several years, she and George have reconnected thanks to her TikTok video. After the story went viral, the extended family of George reached out to her.

“I talk to him every day and I’m learning all about his life, his son’s life and it’s just good. I’m just so pleased to have him back in my life.” 

Rosalinda now shares plenty of cheeky content on her TikTok account as she updates her fans on life with her Lola and some of the crazy stories of her past.

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