Let’s All Take a Break to LOL at this Hilariously Relatable Naked Toddler Moment

Sometimes we all need a good laugh. Imagine the giggles that would have ensued after a neighbour looked up and discovered her neighbour’s toddler son in the window.

Completely naked. Staring back at her with his doodle on full display and a cheeky look on his face.

What would you even do? This neighbour, who we don’t know much about, got on the phone, snapped a pic of the child (which was later deleted) and sent a cracker of a text message to the little boy’s mum. 

‘I looked up and there he was’

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Rewind just a few moments before the little fella decided to strip down and climb onto the window ledge. His mum, Jeni Boysen of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, explains that her son, Dax, was happily watching Peppa Pig.

It was a Monday morning and all was calm and quiet so she took the opportunity to jump in the shower.

During this time, Dax must have gotten bored with Peppa so decided to take off all his clothes. He then escaped the living room and took up residence by the window. We’re not sure if he had to climb to get to that position but it kind of appears so.

There he remains, standing naked as a jaybird for all to see.

Now, we all know that toddlers are strange little creatures. We’re probably used to them stripping off for no reason and roaming around the house.

But Jeni’s neighbour wasn’t too sure WTF was going on. Alerting the neighbour seemed like the right thing to do.

‘Your kid is naked in the window’ 

I mean, if these seven words don’t sum up toddlers to a tee, I don’t know what does.

Jeni shared the hilariously awkward moment on her Facebook page, writing,

Ya know. Sometimes you think you’re doing okay at life and then you get a message like this from a neighbor. I just cried I laughed so hard.”

Toddlers. What would we even do without them??

As expected, Jeni’s naked moment has the internet in a roar of laughter, gaining over 181,000 shares and plenty of “girl, same” comments. I don’t know about you, but Dax’s naked antics made my day!

Thanks, Jeni, for proving to the world that life with toddlers is an absolute shitshow. And one that forever keeps us entertained!

Have kids, they said

This isn’t the first hilarious picture taken that proves toddlers are a breed of their own. Check out a few more of our faves:

Look ma, a Pony

You have to chuckle at this candid moment when a toddler managed to sneak a FULL GROWN PONY into his parent’s bedroom. I mean, HOW? And where the eff did he find a horse?? Fully saddled too.

funny parenting photos
Source: Bored Panda

The Bunnings climber

Then there was that time a father decided to treat his toddler son to a bit of bonding time with a trip to the local DIY shop. While dad was checking out hammers, his son decided to climb 12 meters and perch on top of the shelving.

Cue the heart attacks.

funny parenting photos
Source: Bored Panda

A trip to Audi

And you cannot forget about that time a family decided to bring their toddler car shopping. The toddler decided to bring a pile of rocks in her jacket pocket, which she proceeded to use to ‘draw’ all over several Audi cars.

She managed to scratch the sh*t outta 10 different Audis, including an Audi Q8. And in a matter of minutes too.

Look mummy, I made a pretty!


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