What do you get when you put a toddler and a tiny stone she’s stashed in her pocket into a car dealership full of brand new Audis?

A massive effing headache, that’s what. Oh, and a $41,000 bill.

The tale of the toddler and the stone

Today’s lesson on why we can’t have nice things is brought to you by Audi, the makers of really expensive cars that are definitely NOT canvas for kids to scribble all over.

The lesson goes a little something like this:

Couple:  Let’s go look at super expensive cars today. And, don’t you think it makes perfect sense to bring our three-year-old with us? I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Toddler: *Uses a stone to scratch pictures into the paintwork of ALL the Audi cars*

Look, mummy. I made a pretty.



The toddler managed to scratch the sh*t outta 10 different Audis, including an Audi Q8. And in a matter of minutes too. Nice work, child. Nice work.

Audis are for driving, NOT drawing on

The horrified Chinese couple slunk out of the dealership, carting their little artiste and her stone behind them. Probably also wanting to chuck BOTH items in the bin.

But it gets worse.

Because, as 7News reports, they later received notice that they were expected to pay for the damages – a cool 200,00 RMB ($41,000 AUD).

The dealership took the couple to court and the judge ordered the couple to pay $14,000 in the end. Sure, it isn’t nearly as bad as $41,000, but, still. Pretty expensive family outing!

Guess they won’t be getting a new car for Christmas, after all.

Fact: Toddlers ruin things

So, what valuable lessons did we learn today, folks?

First, toddlers and car shopping don’t mix.

Second, take a toddler shopping, someone is going to end up in tears.

And third, always, always, always check your kid’s pockets. Because, more likely than not, there is a stone or a stick or a sharpie pen stashed in their pocket, just begging to ruin your day.

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