7 Clever Ways to Upcycle Old Coffee Jars

Have kids. Need coffee. But what do you do with the empty coffee jars after you’ve finished with them? Chuck them out? Hide them in the back of the pantry “just in case”? We’ve got 7 alternative ideas thanks to Moccona.

All of these ideas are so incredibly easy to do – even the kids can help you out. We’re also loving the new Moconna coffee jar designs which were all done by design students and encourage various sustainability messages.

how to upcycle coffee jars
Source: Moccona

The Whales Jar (Our Whales Below), for example, advocates for reducing pollution in waterways and on beaches to protect our ocean species while the Bike Jar (Pedaling Forwards) encourages sustainable transport. Love this!

Upcycling empty coffee jars – 7 clever ideas

1. Veggie Garden

coffee jar veggie garden
Source: Moccona

You’ll need 3 empty coffee jars, soil and veggies that grow well in pots such as strawberries, celery and chili. Simply use the jars as little pots and watch your garden grow.

2. Herb Garden

coffee jar herb garden
Source: Moccona

This is also a good idea for herbs – instead of soil, use water. There are a few herbs to propagate in water including basil, mint, oregano, thyme, stevia, lavender, marjoram and savory.

3. Honey Body Scrub

upcycle coffee jars
Source: Moccona

You’ll need 1 cup coconut oil, 1 ½ cups sugar, ¼ cup raw honey and a few drops of Honey Myrtle essential oil for scent (optional). 

Place your jar of coconut oil in a sink of warm water to liquefy then combine the liquid coconut oil, sugar, honey and optional essential oil in a bowl. Mix until well incorporated.

Spoon your combined sugar scrub into your coffee jar and display it in your bathroom for an indulgent bath-time treat.

4. Granola Goodness

what to do with leftover coffee jars
Source: Moccona

For an extra indulgent brekkie idea, combine your chosen ingredients to make layered granola and add it to a jar. This is a really cute gift idea too or even something to whip up for a bake sale.

Not sure what to use? Check out this Coffee, Maple Syrup & Strawberry Granola recipe.

5. Iced Coffee or Chocolate

iced coffee jars
Source: Moccona

This is such a sweet idea for a special occasion breakfast or party. You can use the jars to hold your fave iced coffee but it’s also a good option for milkshakes or hot chocolates.

If you’ve got a sleepover birthday party coming up, save your jars to use at the party. The kids will be in chocolate heaven!

6. Bathroom Storage

jars for storage
Source: Moccona

Be still my bathroom organisation heart! Who knew it was so easy to create a Pinterest-worthy set-up in your bathroom? Jars. Labels (you can get similar ones from Kmart). Supplies.

And so much neater than my current “random cups and box of Q-tips” situation.

Other storage jar ideas:

  • Hair item storage: For your daughter’s collection of elastic bands, clips, scrunchies and bobby pins.
  • Make-up storage: Brushes, eye liners and pencils, mascara and sponges will all fit nicely into these jars.
  • Pantry staples: Such as cookies, rice, pasta, rolled oats, sugar, etc.
  • Laundry storage: To store your laundry powder, pegs, soaker, etc.

7. Vases 

mum central
Source: Moccona

For those very rare occasions when your hubby brings home flowers, an empty coffee jar is all you need! They make the perfectly understated vase for those pretty bouquets. Tie a ribbon to match the flowers and you’re winning at home decor.

mum central
Source: Moccona

For something a little more advanced, you can also make your very own painted vases using various acrylic matte paints. Check out how to do it here. 

So there you have it – 8 cute ways to upcycle empty coffee jars, thanks to the clever tribe over at Moccona. We hope these ideas inspire you to get creative and collect those coffee jars – they really are handy to have around the house!

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