9 Mum Moments that Scream ‘Coffee Please’ + Handy Coffee Pod Pairing Guide

First, we drink the coffee, then we do things.

Especially parents. In fact, when we have kids, we quickly discover just how many parenting moments require a double dose of our fave frothy bevy.

Why? Because kids require A LOT of attention at every age and stage. Babies cry. Toddlers throw tantrums. Preschoolers demand snacks. School-age kids bring you homework projects that require you to sew. Teenagers play sport that starts at 5am on a Saturday.

And, us parents? Well, we drink coffee to keep us motivated. Or at least until the kids are FINALLY in bed and we can switch to wine. ūüėČ

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How to Pair Your Coffee Pod With ‘Those’ Parenting Moments

As a bit of fun, we’ve perfectly paired a few common parenting moments with our fave coffee pods, all compatible with the NESCAF√Č Dolce Gusto Esperta, our number one choice for making delicious drinks whenever we’re in need of a coffee fix. Which, let’s face it, is all the freakin’ time when you have kids!

So, which level of caffeine intensity and NESCAF√Č Dolce Gusto coffee pods pair best with these common parenting scenarios? Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. The 7.45 am Monday Morning Dash

Caffeination Level: 9/10

The kids are half-dressed, the dishwasher is beeping at you and the house looks like it’s been hit by a bomb. We’re talking bread crusts on the countertops, mismatched socks in the hallway and toothpaste stains all over the bathroom sink.

It‚Äôs all happening, folks. You’ve got 15 minutes to get out the door and you’re pretty sure one of the kids just knocked over a nearly full bottle of milk.

Coffee Pod Choice: A milky cuppa is always a good idea to get you through the morning rush and you can’t go wrong with a classic Latte Macchiato. Tall, hot and frothy, the Latte Macchiato is great for on the go and pairs well with lost pairs of socks.

Best Served: In a keep cup to drink in the car. Because ain’t no mumma got time to drink a full cuppa AND sort these kids out in 15 minutes!

woman with coffee in reusable coffee cup

2. Kids Sleepovers

Caffeination Level: 9/10

Take seven giggling girls, add in a truckload of sugary snacks, eight gazillion pieces of popcorn to clean up, 15 bottles of nail polish just begging to be spilled all over the pillows, and the countless promises of “Just one more minute!” and you’re gonna need a bit of a pick-me-up.

Coffee Pod Choice:¬† It’s gotta be something sweet and strong, which goes well with any dessert you happen to be serving up. It also needs to pair well with Yelly Mum, which is who you are bound to become when it’s 10:30 pm and the demon children still aren’t asleep! Our pick? Americano! This is a smooth blend of coffee with a light roast and mild but strong flavour.

Best Served: With or without milk. And a slice of yummy cake or a cheeky dash of Baileys to get you through the evening antics.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee americano

3. Play Dates 

Caffeination Level: 7/10

Play dates give us parents a chance to socialise with other adults and let the kids learn to play together and SHARE their toys. So plan for the inevitable ‘toy’nado with a fruit platter for the kids and a round of cafe-style coffees for the mums.

Coffee Pod Choice: Our top choice that pairs perfectly with play date chaos has to be a Cappuccino.¬† Its foam is delicate, velvety and thick for a drinking experience that’ll almost drown out the squeals of the kids.

Best Served: In an extra-large cup! With earplugs on the side.

Cappucino coffee

4. Extra Early Swimming Carnivals

Caffeination Level: 10/10

You know it’s gonna be a triple-coffee-kind-of-morning when you have to set the alarm for 4.30 am the next day. Prepare for any sporting carnival by packing your day bags the night before and choosing your coffee pod du jour.

Coffee Pod Choice: A next-level start to the day requires a next-level coffee which is exactly what Ristretto Ardenza delivers! Give the senses a kick start with the smoky aroma, peppery aftertaste, and intense flavouring.

Best Served: In a short cup to start the (extra-early) day.

Woman drinking espresso coffee

5. Easy Sunday Mornings

Caffeination Level: 3/10

Pyjamas are on and the stress levels are finally down. Time to sit back, relax and enjoy a bit of me-time while the kids are busy playing together and NOT fighting.

Coffee Pod Choice: Nothing pairs better with slippers than a Chai Tea Latte. Created from a delicious blend of natural spicy flavours including cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and cardamom, it’s made even better sprinkled with sugar and topped off with delightfully frothy milk. YUMMO!

Best Served: In an oversized Best Mum Ever mug while you lounge in bed and dad is on kid-duty.

woman with hands around chai coffee

6. Surprise School Project Due Tomorrow

Caffeination Level: 6/10

Whether it’s the school Science Fair or costume prepping for Book Week, kids have an uncanny ability to wait to tell you about it last minute. Which means you get to rummage through the craft box, the pantry, the dress-up kit or your sad collection of sewing stuff to try and come up with something that passes as suitable for the occasion. UGH.

Coffee Pod Choice: Refresh and energise for the task ahead of with an Espresso served over ice. Peru Espresso should do the trick – it’s an intense blend perfect for intense concentration, like duct-taping together a costume in record time.

Best Served: In a tall glass with plenty of ice and a massive dollop of whipped cream on top. Stuff the diet. If your kid is making you sew, then you DESERVE whipped cream.

iced coffee

7. Post-Freezing Footy Training 

Caffeination Level: 0/10

Muddy boots, freezing feet, and dirty uniforms. It’s all fun and games until the rain starts to pour mid-game. But, hey, the kids had a blast and now you’ve got a mountain of laundry to show for it. But before you tackle the pile, treat your footy stars to something warm, soothing and delicious.

Coffee Pod Choice: Hot Chocoletto all around! Nothing pairs better with cold hands than hot chocolate and this rich, velvety balance of cocoa and frothy milk is the bee’s knees … and don’t forget the marshmallows.

Best Served: After a hot shower in a big cup, from the couch!

Woman holding hot chocolate with marshmallows

8. Teething Baby 

Caffeination Level: 8/10

She’s whinging, she’s drooling and she’s refusing to let you go. And that’s after being up every 45 minutes throughout the night. Wine, please!! Oh wait, it’s only 8 am. Well, coffee will have to do.

Coffee Pod Choice: Gotta be a flat white! It’s a sexy little drink with mellow texture and marbled, nut-coloured foam. It’s comforting, caramelly and calming, which is exactly what you need to make it through the teething stage alive. Maybe the calming aroma will help settle bub too! Fingers and toes crossed.

Best Served: One-handed, of course. Because we all know your baby isn’t going to let you put her down to actually drink it!

close-up coffee, nescafe dolce gusto coffee

9. After-Dinner Treat for the Tribe

Caffeination Level: 0/10

It’s 8 pm and you’re in the mood for something sweet. But you can’t be stuffed to actually get up, put on a bra and make a mad dash to the shops to grab ice cream. Head to the kitchen and whip up something that’s sure to satisfy that sweet tooth. No bra necessary.

Coffee Pod Choice: The all-new NESCAF√Č Dolce Gusto NESQUIK is a late-night winner! No caffeine, just yummy chocolatey flavour and great for the kids too.

Best Served: With marshmallows, of course!

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Get your Own Caffeination Station

If you’ve got kids, you deserve to treat yourself to a yummy coffee daily. Well, you deserve a lot more than that – a trophy, a 7-day kid-free vacation, a new pair of boobs, perhaps. But coffee will have to do.

We have to tell you about the NESCAF√Č Dolce Gusto Esperta coffee machine, which will whip up any one of the beverages above in a jiffy thanks to their awesome collection of coffee pods! It’s easy to use, smart, sophisticated and top-of-the-range. It even comes with a NESCAF√Ȭģ Dolce Gusto¬ģ App, which can personalise your coffee preferences and schedule preparations in advance.

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Plus, it’s currently on special for just $129.99! So treat yourself to a delicious drink any time, no matter what level of crazy the kids are or what level of caffeination the day requires.

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