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The NICU Where Mums Can Bunk With Their Premature Babies

If you’ve had a baby in NICU, then you know the heartbreak that comes with having to say goodbye to your bub every night, of having to return home alone, of having to wake up every morning without your newborn next to you.

One hospital in Canada is about to change all of that. And we can only hope hospitals here in Australia quickly follow. 

BC Children’s Hospital, in Vancouver, Canada, are about to open their new Teck Acute Care Centre. It lets mums and bubs who need intensive care sleep in the same room so parents can stay with their baby every day AND every night of the often emotional NICU journey.

NICU centre lets mums sleep next to newborns

Teck Acute Care Centre Canada

This groundbreaking neonatal intensive care unit includes 70 private rooms that provide equipment for ill or premature infants. Six of the rooms can accommodate twins. Each room also comes with a double bed, refrigerator, storage units and TV.

“The new neonatal care unit is designed to keep new mums together with their babies in the same room, helping to promote bonding and reduce stress. This model of care means less separation for families and is a key way to help ensure these vulnerable babies get the very best start in life,” says BC Health Minister Adrian Dix.

The new NICU experience

Teck Acute Care Centre NICU where mums can bunk with premature babies

But perhaps the best thing about this program is that parents no longer have to say goodbye to their premature newborns each night.

They won’t miss out on those late night cuddles or early morning snuggles. They will experience those indescribable moments the first few weeks with a newborn can bring. And they get to be there with their newborn, 24/7.

Even if it’s not at home, at least it’s better than not at all.

While not all premature babies will be well enough to test out these new rooms, many will. The program is available to low-risk mothers and newborns in need of level two neonatal care.

Families first

Canada NICU where mums can bunk with their premature babies

The Teck Acute Care Centre, which opens 29 October 2017, isn’t just for premature babies. The innovative new building accommodates all families with sick children, regardless of their age. With themed rooms, play areas, beautiful artwork and plenty of community space, this centre has truly gone above and beyond for the little ones who need this extra care the most.

“When children need hospital care, they should be in a place that feels like home, where they can play, exercise their imagination, and be surrounded by family to help them heal,” says British Columbia Premier John Horgan.

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  1. Avatar of Neisha

    as an experienced mum with Nicu. i love this idea. it was so hard going home without my preemie everynight for 3 months. also as i spent nearly all day, it would be nice to be able to sleep, relax and enjoy the time there in a bef instead if an uncomfortable chair or loung. thus will sure help baby attachment and breatfeeding as it would be less stressful and traumatic for both mum and bub.
    i hope Australian hospitals follow suit.

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