The Simple (and Scream-Free) Trick To Remove Splinters

This is the genius parenting hack for removing splinters that every parent needs to know. Why? Because it involves no needles… and no screaming!

Next time your child gets a splinter,  whisper a little thank you to Claire Bullen-Jones. The mum-of-two has shared the best parenting hack ever after discovering that medicine syringe can work miracles when it comes to removing splinters.

On the list of things that make us cringe most as mums, attempting to get a splinter out of a wriggly, whinging child is definitely up there (along with cutting a newborn baby’s nails. Eeeek).

But you can get rid of the splinter without the meltdown that usually accompanies it with this simple trick to remove splinters – use a syringe. And it will work on pesky prickles and thorns too.

Splinter removal with a syringe 

Simply poke a small hole in the bottom of the syringe and place it on the child’s skin. Make sure the syringe is touching the skin (with no gaps) and pull quickly. If it’s a stubborn splinter, repeat the method a couple of times.

As Claire explains on her Facebook page, this simple trick to remove splinters is “Pain free, no tugging and pulling, and no little ones upset or scared at getting it out! Saves so much time, and well worth seeing the kid’s smile at the end of it rather than red faces and tears!”

Plus, “because the plastic is clear, you can check what’s been taken out of the skin!” Because what kid doesn’t like seeing the massive thorn that has just come out of his foot or finger?

The social media kingdom has eaten Claire’s idea up, with the post getting over 89,000 shares in a week. But, wait! That’s not all syringes are good for – have a look at this clever syringe baby teat trick to get babies to take their medicine. Parenting hacks for the win!

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