DIY: Easy No-Bake Rudolph Reindeer Biscuits Even the Kids Can Make


Want to impress the kids with some super cute no-bake Rudolph reindeer biscuits, without breaking out in a sweat? Here’s how you can transform a packet of Tim Tam into a whole herd of deer with just a little bit of Christmas cheer!

These No-Bake Rudolph reindeer biscuits will be a cute and quick Christmas activity for the kids to make – they really are THAT easy. If you can ‘glue’ you can make these Rudolph reindeer biscuits – you’re just embellishing on an existing biscuit, after all!

An awesome budget-friendly Christmas activity for the kids to do at home, these delicious morsels are something they will be overjoyed with and proud to leave out for Santa to snack on when he stops by in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve.

Tim Tams get a Rudolph Reindeer makeover!

You really don’t need much at all to create a herd of reindeer just a couple of Christmas staples and a packet of your favourite Arnott’s Tim Tam biscuits!

No-Bake Rudolph Reindeer Biscuits
A few pantry basics – it’s all you need to get into the Christmas spirit!

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  • 1 packet of Tim Tam biscuits
  • Edible eye decorations
  • Mini pretzels
  • Red M&Ms
  • 40g of chocolate melts


1. To start, melt the chocolate in the microwave in 20-second bursts, stirring between each burst, until melted and smooth. Transfer the melted chocolate into a small piping bag (or zip-lock bag). This will be your glue to stick your reindeer features on the Tim Tams.

No-Bake Rudolph Reindeer Biscuits

2. Take the packet of Tim Tam biscuits and place the biscuits on a tray or board and gather your supplies so they’re all prepped and ready to go.

No-Bake Rudolph Reindeer Biscuits

3. Snip a tiny corner off of the zip-lock bag of chocolate and dot the top corners of one of the Tim Tam biscuits with the melted chocolate and ‘glue’ a mini shaped pretzel in each corner to become deer antlers. You may need to prop up your pretzels with a wooden spoon or chopping board for pretzel support while the chocolate sets. Repeat for each Tim Tam biscuit.

No-Bake Rudolph Reindeer Biscuits

4. Next, it’s time for the eyes! Dot two candy eyes into place for your reindeer’s peepers. Repeat for all the Tim Tam biscuits.

No-Bake Rudolph Reindeer Biscuits

5. Finally, it’s time to place that red reindeer nose that Rudolph is well known and loved for! Place a small dot of chocolate in the centre of the Tim Tam biscuit and carefully stick a red M&M on top and wait for it to set. Repeat for all the remaining Tim Tam biscuits.

No-Bake Rudolph Reindeer Biscuits

6. Now you have a plate of super cute no-bake Rudolph the reindeer biscuits! Delicious!

There is a word of caution though: these reindeer REALLY don’t like the heat. It’s a good idea to keep them in the fridge or in an air-conditioned climate for non-melting comfort. And if you want to take these guys on a picnic? Keep them in a plastic container in an esky!

No-Bake Rudolph Reindeer Biscuits

Be sure to add these reindeer to your no-bake kitchen Christmas activity file. Pinterest is a wonderful place for Christmas ideas this no-bake idea has been recreated quite a few times, so while the original source is unknown, it’s clearly a loved and delicious bikkie concept and shared by many!

No-Bake Rudolph Reindeer Biscuits
So very cute – and the perfect Christmas Eve gift for Santa!

What do you think? Will your children be giving these no-bake Rudolph reindeer biscuits a go for Christmas or class parties? You could go crazy with all the Tim Tam varieties available, just be careful with consuming in Tim Tam slam fashion – you might want to remove those pointy pretzels first! Yum!

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