This “Official” Naughty and Nice List is Every Parent’s Christmas Wish Come True


Are you ready for 40 days of blissful kid behaviour? We’re talking “Please”, “Thank you”, “Can I help?”.

Bed-making, dishwasher-unloading, placing-dirty-socks-in-the-actual-laundry-basket-not-beside-it. It’s possible. And it’s all thanks to the Official Naughty and Nice List of 2020. 

Parents, we have tracked down THE LIST. TheSecretary’s Naughty and Nice list to the Minister for Christmas Affairs for the financial year ended 30 June 2020.

This list relates to the people of the world’s performance for 2020 against the measures outlined in the Christmas Behaviour Statements.”

So official, right??!!

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The official naughty and nice list is here! Source: Christmas Affairs

It’s Santa’s authorised list and we know your kids are DYING to know whether they’ve been branded naughty or nice.

After all, if they are on the naughty list, they’ve got some serious work to do before Christmastime. Even “nice” kids will need to keep on your good side because there is still time for the Minister of Christmas Affairs to change his mind.

And we parents can reap ALL the rewards of this. Muhahahaha.

Official Naughty and Nice List of 2020

The document comes courtesy of the North Pole Government Department of Christmas Affairs and contains the names of ALL the kids in the world with either a Nice or a Naughty beside it.

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In addition to providing an alphabetised list of all naughty and nice people for the 2020 financial year, the document also contains details of how to rectify a naughty reputation. They even have a page for Disputes and Rehabilitation. 

If you have found your name on the naughty list and would like to dispute the result, being a really good person between now and Christmas is a fast track alternative to the behavioural review system.

Good deeds and genuine niceties will be detected by the Department’s Global Behaviour Tracking Network and good vibes will be sent directly to the North Pole Records Centre.”

Whoever made this is winning Christmas this year! What an awesome idea. You can check our child’s name through the link below. Check your own name and your partner’s name too – why not, right!?

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In our family, we all made the NICE list except for one of my daughters, who, ironically, is the kindest one of us all. Looks like we may need to hit up the Disputes team.

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