Kids Review Baby Alive Baby Grows Up … the Must-Have Doll This Christmas

She’s cute, she’s interactive and she’s brand new to Australia and New Zealand. Meet the latest little gal in the Baby Alive family – Baby Alive Baby Grows Up!

This little sweetie comes in two doll choices – Merry Meadow or Happy Hope and has plenty of tricks up her sleeve.

But just what can she do?

Well, for one, she comes with over 75+ responses and sounds plus heaps of fun accessories.

But, what makes her even more incredible is that she actually grows, from newborn to infant to toddler … right before your eyes.

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Will you get Happy Hope or Merry Meadow? Source: Hasbro

A real growing baby doll!

Cool, right? This is the first ever-growing baby doll on the market, so, naturally, we at Mum Central were curious to see her in action.

Baby Alive Baby Grows Up review
Source: Melissa B and Tracy K

We enlisted the help of ten mums and their little ones to see firsthand what Baby Alive Baby Grows Up can do.

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So many surprises! Source: Bianca B

Gracie loves all dolls and pretend play, but she’s especially enjoyed how interactive Merry Meadow is and also the fact that she grew and changed as a little person.

She had so much fun discovering all the new stages and how interactive the doll is.” – Sarah H

After all, what’s better than getting a baby that actually grows up for Christmas? And no need to go through pregnancy or labour! Bonus for us!

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She’s always ready for the fun! Source: Shauna S

Watch her grow! 

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Source: Rebecca T and Melissa C

The fun begins when Baby Alive is just a newborn as children discover the magic of whether their little girl has blonde or brown hair (Merry Meadow is brunette, Happy Hope is blonde). 

Newborn Baby Alive needs lots of love and attention and our reviewers LOVED every step:

  • Removing her hat to reveal her hair and eye colour
  • Feeding her a bottle and listening to her suck
  • Soothing her to sleep and watching as she kicks out of her swaddle
  • Opening the newborn surprise box to discover a swaddle and bottle

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Source: Stacey N and Jasmine M

As an infant, Baby Alive learns all sorts of fun tricks. The highlights for our reviewers included:

  • Discovering her first word and all the baby speak that follows (cute!)
  • Teaching her to sit up 
  • Feeding her solids (and the sounds she makes)
  • Pressing her hand so she would say things
  • Listening to her call our for “mumma” (or “dadda”) – can be controlled by setting
  • Opening the infant surprise box to discover a food pouch and bib

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Big girls with their big girl dolls. Smiles all around. Source: Melissa B and Stacey N

But the best part for most of our kid reviewers? Toddlerhood! The highlights for our reviewers were:

  • Teaching her to stand up and walking around the house (with help from Mumma of course)
  • Discovering all the new words she’s learned
  • Taking her on adventures
  • Watching her hair grow and brushing it – this was a favourite feature!
  • Opening the toddler surprise box to uncover a new outfit, brush and shoes 
Baby Alive Baby Grows Up review
Happy Hope finding her toddler legs. Source: Melissa C
Three stages,  so many surprises! With 75+ reactions and sounds and when baby grows up, it’s simple to reset your doll and start the fun again!

How long it takes for her to grow up will depend on how much she is played with (to speed her up, give her plenty of love). You’ll know she’s gone to a different stage by a special sound she makes.

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Check out our video review below to see what else Baby Alive can do and watch the adorable reactions as our reviewers meet Merry Meadow and Happy Hope.

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Baby Alive Review: What Our Mums Had to Say

After months of lockdown in Victoria, it was beautiful to see my daughter engage with something and interact to use her imagination.” – Rebecca T

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Source: Rebecca T

[My daughter] has played with it daily and loves that it has many different features. She’s got a baby sister due in March and was so excited to now have her own little baby girl doll.” – Shauna D

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Source: Shauna D

This is her favourite doll! She loves watching it grow and the three “surprise” boxes she got to open for each stage.” – Bianca B

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Source: Bianca B

“[My daughter] loves Baby Alive. It’s become part of the regular group of play things.” – Jasmine M

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Source: Jasmine M

A really great toy. It is priceless how it has really connected my son and daughter because of the Daddy mode. They both play with the doll together.” – Tracy K

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Source: Tracy K

Not only can you switch Baby Alive to a Spanish version, but you can also opt for a Daddy Mode where Baby Alive will say “Dadda” instead of “Mumma”. Perfect for little boys!

From the first day of opening the box, Peyton wanted to spend time looking after her new baby! It really is one of a kind, and is a special kind of doll for a little one to own.” – Melissa C

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Source: Melissa C

The perfect Christmas present

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re sure you’re searching for that perfect gift for your special little guy or gal. Baby Alive Baby Grows up could very well be it, especially if your little one loves to pretend play.

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The ideal toy for loving big sisters. Source: Bianca B

She’s the perfect little baby to care for, whether your child wants a baby sister or a baby of her own. She’s also a great tea party guest, a wonderful bedtime snuggler, and a BFF who never shares their secrets.

Whatever imaginary world your little one is in, Baby Alive Baby Grows Up will be right there with her.

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Source: Melissa B

At this age children love to interact, play mummy and use their imagination. This doll helps them to do this easily and in a fun way.” – Rebecca T

4.8/5 stars from our Baby Alive reviewers


Baby Alive Baby Grows Up won over our kid testers, our mum reviewers and us too! We know your little ones will have just as much fun with this interactive doll.

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A best friend for life. Source: Stacey N

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Baby Alive Baby Grows Up

9.8Baby Alive Baby Grows Up


  • Actually grows
  • 75+ sounds and reactions
  • Easy to set up and reset
  • Plenty of surprises
  • 3 dolls in one
Full of Surprises
Value for Money

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Get your Baby Alive Baby Grows Up 

Baby Alive Baby Grows Up is suitable for kids 3+ and has only just arrived in stores in Australia.  and we predict she will be a big hit under the Christmas tree this year, don’t you?

You can find Merry Meadow and Happy Hope at Target, Big W and independent retailers for $99.99.

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Make sure you enter our competition below to win 1 of 6 Baby Alive Baby Grows Up dolls. 

This is a sponsored review for Hasbro.  All opinions are those of our reviewers.
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