The Big Checklist: Packing for a Family Snow Holiday With the Experts from Howmans Gap


Packing for a family snow holiday can seem like a huge task, especially when you need a mountain’s worth of stuff! (Get it!?)

This can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re not a life-long snow bunny, But, fear not, Mum Central have all the expert tips on packing for a family snow holiday.

We’ve written the list so you don’t have to! The family snow specialists from Howmans Gap have told us everything you need to know – trust us, they’ve got this… 

So, you’ve debunked the myths of a family snow holiday and you’ve checked the budget to make sure it’s affordable.

Next job? Packing the gear.

Here’s the list to get you started.

Assumption: According to the team at Howmans Gap Alpine Centre, affordable family accommodation only 10 minutes out of Falls Creek, most family snow holidays see people hire their snow equipment (skis, poles, boards, boots etc). This list assumes you’ll be doing the same.

Packing for a family snow trip

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  • 3 top layers of clothing per child – spencer or singlet, a fleece top or jumper and a bright (for visibility) waterproof jacket. Do not over-layer or your child will overheat. Being on the snow when you’re busy and active can actually been pretty warm work!
  • 2 bottom layers of clothing per child  – long underwear, track pants that are slim fitting or skins are ideal and then waterproof ski pants.
  • Warm socks. Wool is best and a good fit is super important. Comfort is key to a happy day on the snow! You’ll need dry socks for every day you’re at the snow!
  • Snow boots for outside play. Get boots that are snug enough so snow does not fall inside. Have a change of shoes such as sneakers ready for getting back in the car etc.
  • Mittens or gloves.  Explains itself really, who wants cold hands?
  • Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) – Be sure to apply every two hours and 20 minutes before exposure). There is high risk of sunburn when you’re at the snow!
  • Lip Balm – Give one to each child to carry in their pocket.
  • Sunglasses and / or ski goggles. Use sunglasses if the weather is warm or it’s not snowing. Goggles are great when its snowing. Eye protection is very important so one or the other is a must!
  • Beanie or warm winter hat. Some children will wear a helmet.
  • Scarf or neck protector – especially if you’re not wearing a layer underneath with a high or funnel neck.

Packing for a family snow holiday

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  • Spare extra clothes – Clothes for wearing to dinner after being at the snow (if you plan to eat out), plus some clean, dry clothes for travelling home after your snow adventure finishes. Plan one dinner outfit head to toe, one driving home outfit head to toe, one spare outfit just because ‘kids‘.
  • Underwear including pants, singlets and socks
  • Warm pyjamas plus teddy (or whoever else is ‘imperative’ for getting your children to sleep!)
  • Car activities to keep the kids occupied, iPads, DVD, colouring etc
  • First Aid inc. prescription medications & over-the-counter items you could need such as Panadol, tissues and bandaids.
  • Toiletries including toothbrush, paste, haircare etc
  • A roll of bin bags. If you’ll be driving home with wet gear or boots bin bags are invaluable to keep your wet gear separate and your boot un-soggy.

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  • Bed linen
  • Towels
  • Food & grocery items
  • Snow chains for the car

affordable family snow holiday howmans gap YMCA

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Don’t forget…”]

  • The camera
  • The camera charger
  • Phone and device chargers
  • Purse, credit cards and accommodation details
  • A map – some areas your mobile phone and sat-nav may not work!

Howmans Gap is just 4kms below Falls Creek. With accommodation for 1 to 174 people you can bring your family (and your friends!) and together enjoy comfortable, warm and relaxed lodgings in a variety of formats from rooms to self-contained cottages. In a prime location for accessing the action winter activities is what Howmans Gap is all about! NO matter your choice of snow play, it’s all right on the doorstep or a few moments away. For more information and availability for your own family snow holiday, be sure to visit their website!


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