The Only Parenting Manual You’ll Ever Need

Parenting books are a dime a dozen. Often filled with HEAPS of convoluted information, they can offer guidance and reassurance. Or they can confuse the sh*t out of you. 

But this parenting manual, ladies and gentlemen, is different. How?

Well, for one, it’s hilarious. Like, chuckle to yourself on the couch and spit out your tea hilarious.

Second, it’s actually pretty helpful.

But, most importantly, this parenting manual will make you feel better about your parenting exploits rather than feel like you’re screwing everything up.

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‘Having children has changed my world. It’s also ruined my titties’

Parenting for Legends is the latest book from bestselling author, Shannon Kelly White. She is the mum behind the equally-hilarious cook book, Shannon’s Kitchen: Healthy Food You’ll Actually F**king Eat.

Essentially, this easy-to-read parenting book goes through the early stages of parenthood, from pregnancy through to around the age of five. It touches on all the things you’d expect – how to successfully not kill your husband during pregnancy, how to keep it together at 2am and how to handle the judgy Susans who crop up at every Mother’s Group meet.

There’s full chapters dedicated to themes such as “Preschoolers are no-nothing know-it-alls,”  “Sometimes at night, you want to put them in the bin” and “Oh No. I’ve buggered up my life”.

Plus, bonus… Shannon’s parenting book comes with cheeky images to complement the text, thanks to illustrator, Evi O.

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I especially like this pregnancy size comparison chart which bypasses the traditional fruit to belly comparisons and instead uses real life objects. Like a bee’s dick. And 2% of The Rock.

It even comes with cheat sheets, cheeky pie charts, a glossary outlining important terms like “activewear” and “nipplash” and uncensored quotes scattered throughout.

‘Yes, kids can be dickheads at times’

Shannon’s goal is simple – to make parenting less competitive, less stressful and more fun. And to ensure other parents can see the funny side in this whole ‘raising kids’ thing, especially when they are about to lose their sh*t.

“When a baby arrives you aren’t awarded with an unlimited supply of patience and virtue – all you’re awarded with is a torn perineum and a lifelong commitment to someone you literally just met. But you want to do right by the little sods.”

The cold harsh truth is that parenting can break us if we let it. Our mission is to not let it. Shannon’s cheeky take on raising kids is relevant, refreshing and relatable. A parenting manual that’s sure to help you not lose your shit on a regular basis.

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But, if you do, there’s an awesome cheat sheet on what to do and what NOT to do (including injecting ice and glassing your children).

Pick Parenting for Legends up through Shannon’s website and prepare for a good belly laugh. Best read with a bottle of wine.

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