Married At First Sight returns to our screens in just two short weeks, so what better than a sneak peek to know our brides and grooms?

There’s a 29-year-old virgin who’s terrified of his wedding night, the most confident bride ever and a groom who is so good looking, women run away from him. Bring it on.

How does it work?

Here’s the deal: MAFS brings together a bunch of strangers and marries them off. Yep. A real wedding and a real marriage. Nope, they’ve never even met before.

They are matched up by science and a team of experts, married as soon as they meet and we get to watch the whole thing play out.

They then honeymoon, move in together and play married couples as part of this ‘experiment’ while they get to know each other better.

So, who are this year’s lucky chosen ones? Read on to find out!

The Brides

First up, say hi to 31-year-old makeup artist, Lauren. She’s from NSW, calls herself an ‘eternal romantic’ and says she’s looking for a chivalrous gentleman. Sweet. Let’s hope those grooms can hold a door open, then.

Next, we have 26-year-old Jessika, with a k. She’s a model, admin officer and self-proclaimed party animal. Poor old Jess has struggled to find love because she’s just so damn attractive. Aww. What’s a girl to do? Marry a complete stranger. Obviously.

Lauren Jessika MAFS
Lauren and Jessika. Image source: Channel 9

Next up, Ning is a 32-year-old, single mum of three from Queensland. She had her first child when she was 16 and we see her in the promo video crying her eyes out en-route to her wedding. Don’t do that, Ning, you’ll ruin your makeup. Maybe Lauren can pop over and sort it out for you.

30-year-old Martha is also a makeup artist. So many models and makeup artists. I may need to watch this with a bag over my head for my own self-esteem (with eyes cut out so I can still see what’s going on. I’m not completely crazy). She wants a fashionable dude with good skin because clearly appearances matter, people.

Ning Martha MAFS
Ning and Martha.  Image source: Channel 9

Next up, talent agent Melissa. The 38-year-old from NSW says she is “allergic” to getting old. Right then. All the best with that one. She says she’s quirky, insecure and hasn’t had sex since her heart was broken, 8 years ago. Ooh maybe they’ll pop her with the 29-year-old virgin fella and they can be scared of each other, together. Meant to be.

Elizabeth. Where to start. The 27-year-old says people tell her how beautiful she is “like, all the time. All the time.”

“When I walk into a room I just, I own it.”

But despite owning every room, NSW store manager Elizabeth calls BS on the idea that men want a confident woman. Also, she has the best facial expressions in the whole world. Look out, grooms.

Elizabeth MAFS
Image source: Channel 9
Melissa Elizabeth MAFS
Melissa and Elizabeth.  Image source: Channel 9

Cyrell is a 29-year-old health fund consultant from NSW. It’s super important to her that her new groom impresses her big, Catholic family, who sadly all look dead-set against this wedding in her promo video. That’ll be a fun day, then. She’s been cheated on in the past and has also been engaged before. She probably knew who to that time, though.

38-year-old Heidi is a radio announcer from Queensland. She says she’s extroverted, bubbly and “fiercely independent” as a result of bad times as a teenager. She also stops on the way to her wedding to spew on the side of the road. Standard.

Cyrell Heidi MAFS
Cyrell and Heidi.  Image source: Channel 9

Jules already met the man of her dreams, but was devastated when he didn’t want kids. So now the 36-year-old business manager from NSW is on the hunt for a man who’ll give her some little people to love.

Bosnia born Ines also wants a perfect family. Her own family fled war-torn Bosnia when she was still a child, so now the 28-year-old legal assistant wants a man who can give her a comfortable life and good sex. Seems reasonable.

Jules Ines MAFS
Jules and Ines.  Image source: Channel 9

And now, the Grooms

28-year-old Nic is an electrician from NSW. He was raised by his mum and grandmother after his dad left when he was a baby. He got testicular cancer at 24 and beat it. Now he wants a strong woman who won’t let him run away from commitment, like he has before. Hmm. Marriage and commitment issues. What could go wrong?

Mummy’s boy Cameron is an ex-pro cricketer. Tired of putting sports before love, the 34-year-old from NSW says he just wants to settle down now with the perfect family in the perfect house. Simples.

Nic Cameron MAFS
Nic and Cameron.  Image source: Channel 9

Sam is a 26-year-old tradie from NSW. He says his good looks intimidate women and they are quick to judge him because of it.

“They just see me and they don’t want a bar of it. They’re just like, nah.”

Poor guy. He’s chivalrous (oooh – Lauren?), wants a confident woman (oooh – Elizabeth?) and cheating is a deal breaker for him.

Meet Dino. Cool name, by the way. He’s a 34-year-old meditation coach. Dino grew up in Hong Kong but now lives in WA. He has a fancy five-bedroom home and an impressive property portfolio. He’s been engaged before and is now ready to bring a new wife into his fancy house.

Sam Dino MAFS
Sam and Dino.  Image source: Channel 9

Mick is a 31-year-old plasterer and farmer from Queensland. He wants a wife who looks like Jennifer Hawkins to come and live with him, his 18 sheep, seven chickens, nine guinea fowl and two dogs. Lucky lady.

Electrician Mike says he’s sensitive and vulnerable. He reckons women say they want that in a man, but they don’t really. The 43-year-old Queenslander wants someone to love him as he is and make a little family with him. Aww. I’m thinking Jules.

Mick Mike MAFS
Mick and Mike.  Image source: Channel 9

Italian, primary school teacher Michael is a health and fitness fanatic and “mama’s boy.” The 27-year-old lives in Victoria and wants a wife who’ll share his interests and impress his parentals.

You might already know Bronson from last year’s Australian Ninja Warrior. He’s 34, from WA and is a stripper/circus performer/entrepreneur. Just wow. Talk about multi-talented. He likes to buy his partners expensive presents and enjoys the finer things in life. He has sadly lost his mum and two brothers but remains grateful to still have his dad around.

Michael Bronson MAFS
Michael and Bronson.  Image source: Channel 9

Ex-Army, Victorian Mark has never fallen in love before. The 41-year-old says his perfect wife will have a thick skin and a sarcastic wit.

Last but not least, meet Matthew, the resident 29-year-old virgin. The Queensland videographer struggles with self-confidence as a result of being bullied in his teens.

“When I am in close proximity to girls, I feel insecure. Just can’t wait to get away … The wedding night is far scarier to me than the actual ceremony.”

Matthew wants to make his wedding day extra special by singing to his new wife. Too cute. Or possibly very awkward. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Mark Matthew MAFS
Mark and Matthew.  Image source: Channel 9

So there you have it! The line-up for 2019! It’s promising to be a very interesting season with plenty of awkward moments for us all to enjoy.

Married at First Sight returns to our screens on Monday, 28th January on Channel Nine.

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