It’s a sea of beautiful arches, semi-circles and magical balloons – and you might be surprised to learn that you can do it ALL yourself, saving a packet on hiring and being smug as heck at your craftiness for your next party.

Save HUNDREDS on hiring a Chiara arch panel backdrop and balloon garland for your party by flexing your DIY muscle! One clever Aussie mum shows us exactly how to DIY the on-trend Chiara arch panel backdrop at home with NO fancy tools required. #mindblown

Party passionate mum shares her Chiara arch panel DIY

Renee, a mum and fellow member of the Party Mums Australia Facebook group recently showed off her amazing backdrop making skills, whipping these four sweet Chiara arch panels up for just under $100! Renee kindly shared the DIY details with us to share so that we can all attempt such party wizardry.

Off to Bunnings and Kmart we go … start the car!

Like all good craft activities, a trip to Bunnings and Kmart is required. Renee used Bunnings Corflute board pieces, Kmart book adhesive vinyl and Kmart Upright Floor Lamp stands for the Chiara arch panels. As for the luxe balloons – Balloonies Studio Sweet Dreams Balloon Garland Kit and streamers provide all the premium quality, perfectly colour coordinated balloons you need to get this party started.

chiara arch panel DIY
Off to Bunnings and Kmart you go – you need these things!

Renee is passionate about parties and uploaded a quick 5-minute video, demonstrating how to make the arches (and accompanying balloon garland) to her YouTube channel. Watch it below or scroll on down to written instructions.

How to DIY arch Chiara panels for a party backdrop!

What you need

  • 4 x Bunnings 5mm Corflute sheets
  • 12 x Kmart Self Adhesive Book Cover vinyl
  • 3 x Kmart Upright Floor Lamp (stands only)
  • Balloonies Studio 4m Sweet Dreams Balloon Garland Kit and streamer hangs
  • Extra materials required: Stanley knife, hot glue gun, measuring tape, thumbtack, long modelling balloon (or string), electrical tape and a pen.

What to do

1. Start with the tallest arch first.  Butt two of the Corflute sheets together to make one long rectangular shape.

chiara arch panel DIY
Source: R. Kaida / YouTube

2. Mark out the height and width measurement on the Corflute sheet with a pen and measuring tape. Mark the halfway point on the panel and tie the pen to the long modelling balloon (or piece of string), Swing it around like a compass to make the arched edge. Cut it out with a Stanley knife.

chiara arch panel DIY
Source: R. Kaida / YouTube

3. The offcut from this panel becomes the smaller half-moon arch – again using the compass trick to create the arch. Use this same method of marking out the height and width and creating the arch, for the remaining two Chiara arch panels. To join two panels of Corflute together, use scrap pieces to tape or glue together on the back, securing the join.

chiara arch panel DIY
Source: R. Kaida / YouTube

4. Time to cover your arches! It’s just like covering school books – probably easier! Work in small sections to avoid bubbles and creases, remembering to leave enough vinyl over the edge to cover and wrap around the edge of the panel shape to the back.

chiara arch panel DIY
Source: R. Kaida / YouTube

5. Attach the tall panels to the Kmart standing lamp poles, securing with electrical tape and prop up the small half-moon panel with weight behind it.

chiara arch panel DIY
Source: R. Kaida / YouTube

6. Arrange the Chiara arch panels so they sit together nicely. WELL DONE!

chiara arch panel DIY
Source: R. Kaida / YouTube

7. Time for balloons! Blow up the balloons and tie them in pairs.

chiara arch panel DIY
Source: R. Kaida / YouTube

8. Feed pairs of blown-up balloons into each other to create balloon clusters.

chiara arch panel DIY
Source: R. Kaida / YouTube

9. Feed the larger balloon clusters onto the edges of the Chiara arch panels, fill gaps with the smaller balloon clusters and finally, attach the streamers. NOTE: Renee’s video shows you how to do this really well – have confidence that the balloons won’t pop!

chiara arch panel DIY
Source: R. Kaida / YouTube

10. Now that you’re done, stand back and admire your pretty epic Chiara arch panel work, MADE BY YOU!

chiara arch panel DIY
AMAZING! And created at a fraction of the cost for hiring! Source: R. Kaida

Because we know you’ll have questions…

Renee filled us in on some added information to answer any questions you might have:

How much did all the backdrops cost?

It was just under $100 for all four!

How long will the balloons last?

Quality balloons such as those from Balloonies Studio when air-filled and kept indoors will last weeks, even months! 

When should I make the setup?

Grab some friends and do it 1-3 days before your party.

Where do you get the Balloon Pump?

You can get a dual-head pump from eBay or Amazon. It’s best to get a double head pump so you can inflate two balloons at the same time!

How many balloons should I buy?

A 4m balloon garland kit will do the trick and it gives you a range of sizes to work with.

Are Balloons bad for the planet?

Latex balloons sold at Balloonies Studio are 100% biodegradable.

Perfect, thanks Renee and thank you SO much for sharing! If you’d like to see more balloon and party decorating DIY’s, be sure to check out Renee’s YouTube channel where she shares tricks to putting together balloon garlands to look modern, organic and stylish. Renee also shares loads of party hacks and DIYs, so be sure to subscribe!

Renee loves to share her balloon decorating passion with YouTube DIY tutorials! Source: Instagram

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