Mum Gives Birth to Three Sets of Twins in Two Years

In 2020, Courtney Spears and Everett Jones welcomed their first set of twins – baby boys, Ethan and Curtis. They already had one child – daughter Emanie and were over the moon to add baby #2 and #3 to the family.

In 2021, Courtney and Everett added to their family again. And, again, they welcomed twins. This time twin girls – Emory and Cassidy. 

three sets of twins
Courtney, Everett and their first two set of twins.

Fast forward to May 2022, and, you guessed it, another set of twins. Again twin girls – Eva and Camryn. 

That’s three sets of twins. Six kids under two, for anyone playing along at home.

Two newborns. Two infants. Two toddlers. Game on. 

Twins times three

Naturally, Courtney and Everett were stunned to discover they were expecting twins not once, not twice, but three times.

I mean, how does that even happen?? Experts claim that eating heaps of yams or sweet potatoes may contribute to your chances of having twins but, girl, how many yams are you eating??? 

Before finding out she was pregnant with her third set of twins, Courtney underwent a tubal ligation procedure which is meant to prevent pregnancy. However, it would appear she was already pregnant, which went undetected during the surgery. 

They were meant to be here,” Spears said in an interview. “I didn’t believe it at first, I thought they were showing me something from one of them [previous births] and it was a joke.”

Nope. Not a joke! Just another twin pregnancy, which Courtney is an absolute expert at by now.

Six under two

However, she did experience a preterm labour scare this time around, forcing her to stop working earlier than expected. The latest set of twins – Eva and Camryn – were born on 10 May 2022 and remain in the NICU in Lane Memorial Hospital in Zachary, Louisiana.

The twins were born at 36 weeks gestation with Eva weighing 2.23 kg and Camryn weighing 1.67 kg. Eva is expected home later this week while Camyrn still needs to gain a bit more weight before being discharged. 

Courtney admits that it’s going to be interesting – but fun – to wrangle 7 kids, six of which are under two years of age. She’s still searching for a larger car and admits that her family is officially complete! 

When asked if she was finished having kids, she laughed, “Oh yeah, we have a no-touching policy, just until we can be sure.” 

Big families, big love

Courtney isn’t the only mum whose terribly outnumbered by her offspring.

Check out this stunning mum from Sweden who manages to wrangle 10 kids, all under 13 and many born less than a year apart.

mum central

That’s 10 kids in 13 years, folks. We’re guessing she’s spent around 80 full months (give or take) of her life pregnant, all the while tending to the needs of her other kids. Give this mum a medal!

mum central

Another amazing mum, who also happens to be from Sweden, is Michella Meier-Morsi. Recently she made headlines for her incredible triplet baby bump. Michella welcomed triplet boys in 2022 but is also a mum to twin girls. 

And check out that baby bump! 

triplet baby bump
Source: Instagram

American mum Courtney Rogers married her pastor husband, Chris in 2008 and they wasted no time getting down to business. Courtney has been pregnant pretty much ever since 2008 and now has 12 children. And get this – all the kids’ names start with C. 

There’s Clint, Clay, Cade, Callie, Cash, Colt, Case, Calenda, Caydie, Coralee, Caris and baby Cambria. 

mum central
Source: Instagram

Some of the children are Irish Twins (born less than 12 months apart) while Colt and Case are real twins. The eldest, Clint, is now 12 and Caris is one. Cambria – a girl to make it 6 boys and 6 girls – was born in March 2022.

So. Many. Children. 


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