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Baby Shower Surprise! Couple Delights Guests With a Surprise Wedding

If ever there could be a more special baby shower, try throwing in an added wedding ceremony. Victorian parents-to-be Belinda and Tom both stunned and delighted their baby shower guests with the sweetest of surprises – a surprise wedding!

Engaged and now pregnant, this couple naturally wanted to celebrate their blissful happiness with family and friends. A tricky celebration to try and organise during a worldwide pandemic.

What’s one to do? GET CLEVER, that’s what!

COVID throws plans up in the air

Anyone can tell you just how much COVID-19 has played havoc with attempting to make any kind of plans in the last year or two, even more so for Victorian residents who bore the brunt of the strict restrictions and lockdowns.

But one thing it has done is ingrain in many of us a sense of striking while the iron is hot, seizing the day, making hay while the sun shines – basically, seeing an opportunity and grabbing it with both hands.

And that’s exactly what Belinda and Tom did.

surprise wedding, baby shower
It’s a sign, showering the parents with love at the baby shower. Source: Belinda Hamilton

Baby shower one minute … surprise wedding the next!

We’ve heard of a few engagement parties becoming surprise weddings, but NEVER have we heard of a baby shower setting the scene for sneaky nuptials. HOW CUTE. So how did Belinda and Tom come to this fabulous, bold and a little bit sneaky decision? Belinda says:

We got engaged in February last year and started looking into wedding venues and ideas but were overwhelmed and then Covid obviously impacted a lot. So we were struggling to lock down a date and find something and then in September, we found out I was pregnant! So that changed things a bit and wedding plans went on hold.

So time went on and we started planning our baby shower, and being that we live in rural Victoria, we had a lot of friends and family travelling from nearby cities.

I just had a lightbulb moment and went, “Hey, let’s get married at the baby shower! Everyone will be there already and we can unify our little family before baby comes” and my husband (then fiancé) was 100% on board.

We sent out the invites and planned the day. The baby shower went for about an hour before we mentioned it was time for speeches and everyone gathered outside and we sprung the news they weren’t just attending our baby shower, we were actually getting married! It was amazing seeing everyone’s reactions!”

surprise wedding, baby shower
…. and with a flip of the sign, MARRIED! Source: Belinda Hamilton
surprise wedding, baby shower
Signed, sealed and delivered – it’s official! Source: Belinda Hamilton

How amazing, right? And let’s face it, the people you ask to attend your baby shower are likely to be the VERY SAME people you ask to attend your wedding.

And you’ve already planned and bought countless table decorations, organised catering and ordered a cake – so the scene is set – you’d be crazy not to make the most of it. Genius!

surprise wedding, baby shower
The scene is set for a pretty in pink baby shower… and more. Source: Belinda Hamilton
surprise wedding, baby shower
With the addition of a cake topper, let there be WEDDING cake! Source: Belinda Hamilton
surprise wedding, baby shower
Oh Baby! balloons and a wedding cake, could there be a more perfect day? Source: Belinda Hamilton

The most memorable day!

Belinda shared her good news in our Mum Central Facebook group, Pregnancy Mums Australia, where many of the group members rushed to congratulate her on her most special of special days.

“It was honestly the most magical and relaxed day. It’s pretty special knowing our little girl got to be a part of it in a way”, Belinda replied.

surprise wedding, baby shower
Baby shower AND wedding in one plus baby to come. 2022 is shaping up to be an amazing year for Belinda and Tom! Source: Belinda Hamilton

One look at these photos of Belinda and Tom, who are expecting their daughter in June and you can just FEEL the love between them.

We wish these lovebird newlyweds the most amazing future together and well done to you for surprising your baby shower guests with the most brilliant and beautiful day.

I imagine that not only will Belinda and Tom look back on this memory with a huge smile but their guests will too. #COREMEMORIES

What do you think of doubling up on celebrations like this? Would you be brave enough to do it too? If you’re planning a baby shower of your own (with or without a sneaky wedding), be sure to check out our baby shower posts below!

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