15 Epic Pavlovas to Scoff on Australia Day

If there’s no pavlova on January 26, is it even Australia Day?

Put your best dessert foot forward with these 15 completely scoffable pavlova recipes. If making one from scratch freaks you out, you can TOTALLY cheat with a store-bought pavlova base. We won’t tell anyone.

Eggs, sugar and whisk at the ready? Let’s whip these pavs good!

Everyone wins with pav

The thing about pav is it can riddle you with anxiety making sure every grain of sugar is dissolved while you beat the crap out that meringue. Just remember, the end result is extremely forgiving.

Cream and fruit can disguise a sunken pavlova in next to no time and if the whole pav turns into a cracked disaster, you can turn it around into a fabulous Eton mess dessert. #everyonewins

15 you-beaut pavlova recipes for Australia Day

1. Dinky di, true blue Aussie pavlova

Dessert doesn’t come much easier than this true blue Aussie pavlova. This is a bang for your buck dessert – cheap to make and positively glorious to eat. Top with your favourite, in-season fruit and you’re good to go. Yum!

pavlova recipe

2. Chocolate and raspberry pavlova

Meringue dreams do come true with a chocolate and raspberry pavlova. A CHOCOLATE pav? Yes you can. Nigella did it and you can too.

chocolate pavlova recipe

3. Individual, double stacked pavs

Is there always a fight over who’s going to score the crunchy bits? Individual raspberry and dark chocolate pavlovas means EVERYONE gets their own crunchy bits. For extra decadence, double stack these pint sized beauties.

mini pavlova recipe

4. Forrero Rocher pavlova

It’s a good day when your favourite foil-wrapped chocolate treat marries the pavlova. Ferrero Rocher pavlova recipe coming right up!

Ferrero Rocher pavlova recipe

5. The perfectly acceptable cheat’s pavlova

No time to bake? It’s time to CHEAT. Head straight to Woolworths for a quick pavlova base and whip one of these five quick and tasty no-cook pavlovas up in under 15 minutes. Easy peasy!


6. Tray smashed pav

If your pav is more failed it than nailed it, don’t despair. No need to try more pavlova recipes. Simply break that sucker up into chunks, position on a serving platter, dot with whipped cream and fruit. I’m telling you, it’ll pass as art. Or you could do it all on purpose with this smashed pavlova recipe. Sweet!

smashed pavlova recipe

7. Layered rainbow pavlova

If the meringue is brightly coloured, it’s so much more fun to eat – am I right? Prepare to wow the kid’s table with this show stopper rainbow pavlova. Pavlova recipes don’t come any brighter.

rainbow pavlova recipe

8. Vegan pavlova

Yes! Even the vegans among us can get in on the pavlova action! Switch out egg whites for chickpea brine and you’re on your way to creating delicious vegan pavlovas.

vegan pavlova recipe

9. Caramel s’mores pavlovas

Caramel s’mores pavlovas. ‘Nuff said. Not even joking. Drops mic…

caramel pavlova recipe

10. Picnic bar inspired pavlova

Make it a big slice please! Caramel, chocolate, wafers and nuts come together and party on top and in between all the layers of this magnificent chocolate, caramel and peanut and pavlova. Yummmm.

peanut caramel pavlova recipe

11. They see me rollin’ –  pavlova roll

Want to really step up your pavlova game? Let’s roll with it. The pavlova, that is. The pavlova roll is a speedy option – cook time is a third of that of its sister pavlova, but just as tasty!

pavlova roll recipe

12. Pavlova smash cake

You know those smash cakes which are all the rage? We dare you to try this smash pavlova cake!

pavlova smash recipe

13. Summer fruit bonanza pavlova

Nectarines, peaches and raspberries, oh my! It’s a pavlova which screams of sun filled days, get around this summer fruit pavlova delight!

fruit pavlova recipe

14. Tangy lemon pavlova

Cut through that sugary sweet meringue with a simple jar of your favourite lemon curd. Whipping up a fancy lemon pavlova has never been easier!

lemon pavlova recipe

15. Iced VoVo pavlova

If you love the biscuits, this Iced Vovo-esque pavlova is sure to inspire! Basking in all of its jammy, coconut sprinkled goodness, the Iced VoVo pavlova will be a hit on Australia Day.

iced vovo pavlova recipe

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