Costco to Launch Online Store in Australia & Announces Next 2 Locations!

Watch out Kmart. Costco Wholesale is one step closer to world domination after announcing their plans to take their bulk discounts to the Interwebs.

Because we all NEED a 10kg block of chocolate. And we especially NEED to be able to purchase this mega brick of chocolate online.

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That’s right. Costco Australia’s managing director, Patrick Noone confirmed the exciting announcement that, yes, Costco Wholesale will launch an online store for all Aussies to enjoy in early 2019.

“That will be up and running in early 2019 and will have space in there to explore that dotcom business,” Mr Noone told The Australian Financial Review

As well as the e-commerce venture, Costco (aka the supermarket on steroids), continues up the coast of Australia with another store planned in Ipswich, Queensland.  And ANOTHER store is also in the works, planned for Epping in Melbourne’s outer north.

Bring on the bulk


Costco currently has nine stores scattered around Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.

The bulk empire continues its quest to take over the universe in other countries as well. There are over 500 Costcos in the United States, nearly 100 Costcos in Canada and over 25 Costcos in the UK.  Stores are also cropping up in countries such as Iceland, Spain, France, Japan and South Korea.

The Costco effect

If you haven’t shopped at Costco before, let us break it down for you. The store is like a massive warehouse of items you probably don’t need, but want. They sell pretty much EVERYTHING, from pantry staples to electronics.

In addition to your usual 10kg block of chocolate or 5kg tub of Nutella, you can also purchase those hard-to-find items. Like a coffin. Or a gigantic plush bear.

But before you get the goods, you need to get the club card. And you need to flash your $60 annual membership card before getting through the club doors. The theory is that only members get the privilege of shopping at Costco which eliminates window shoppers, reducing crowds and checkout lines.

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Of course, an online store won’t have the crowded checkout lines or annoying window shoppers to compete with. There hasn’t been mention of whether you will have to be a member to shop online or whether everyone will have full access to Costco’s range of random bulk items.

In any case, we predict the Costcoapocolypse is coming so get your Doomsday Kits ready. Don’t worry – Costco sells them (and starting at just $999.99!) Talk about a bulk bargain.


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