Pigeon MiniLight Review: The New Lightweight Pacifiers Loved by Mums and Bubs

Small in size but mighty for babies who love to suck, these adorable lightweight dummies were met with rave reviews!  Meet the Pigeon MiniLight Pacifier – it’s the lightest dummy we’ve ever seen? But will the babies think of the newest dummy on the block?

You really never know until you try which is why we asked 15 mums and their babies to TEST them out BEFORE they hit the shelves. And with that, here’s our Pigeon MiniLight Review for your reading pleasure!

Pigeon Minilight Pacifier review
A cute and comfy dummy for every bubba! Source: Supplied

What makes Pigeon MiniLight so different from other dummies?

In a word (or two) … it’s their ultra-lightweight design. Pigeon MiniLight Pacifiers are the lightest Pigeon soother on the market which can be incredibly beneficial to babies. 

A dummy that is too big can be heavy for a baby’s tiny mouth, causing stress when sucking. MiniLights are light enough that babies can easily suck and come in various sizes to fit various mouth sizes, from newborns to toddlers.

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The new Pigeon MiniLight pacifier was a winner with our mums! Source: Supplied

There are a few other great benefits of the innovative Pigeon MiniLight dummy: 

  • They are less likely to fall out of your baby’s mouth. Babies have a tendency to drop their dummy, especially when half asleep. The Pigeon MiniLight dummy is perfect for this as they are smaller and less likely to fall out of bub’s mouth, meaning you don’t have to go “dummy hunting” around the cot at 3am.
  • They are extra soft. Made from the softest silicone and designed to mimic the breast, they offer a comfortable suck for babies.
  • They are medically researched to enable natural tongue movements.
  • They reduce skin irritation. Each dummy comes with wide-open holes on the shield to maximise airflow through the pacifier and lessen the likelihood of skin irritation.
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Dummies are always a great help for little ears to adjust to the cabin pressure. Source: Supplied

Here’s what our mums had to say

All of the mums have infants between the ages of 3 and 15 months. Some of them have tried several other brands while others found that their infant simply refused most dummies.

However, for the majority of our mums, the Pigeon MiniLight was a BIG saviour!

✅ 15/15 loved the colours and designs of the lightweight dummy 
✅  14/15 are likely to recommend it and use it again
✅  13/15 mums found it easy to hold to put into baby’s mouth
✅  13/15 mums found it sat comfortably in baby’s mouth
✅ 13/15 said their baby liked to suck it
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Great for tots of all ages, from newborns to toddlers. Source: Supplied
My baby loves her Pigeon Pacifiers. As a breastfed baby, she is quite selective in what shapes go into her mouth, which is totally understandable. She has never really enjoyed dummies until now!  She absolutely loves dummy time and it puts her to sleep so quickly. Nap times have doubled, it has become easy to put bub to bed at night. I will be purchasing them as soon as they hit the stores!” –  Rose Conway 
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Rose’s daughter loves her new dummy! Source: Supplied

A great lightweight dummy, which is great for babies who are unable to keep their dummy in their mouth and no handle making it harder for those wandering hands to pull it out as well,” – Jasmin A 
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Jasmin’s children couldn’t wait to get sucking. Source: Supplied

My child loves his new pacifier and it has helped with getting him to sleep. It has helped me so much with being able to get my child to sleep and for him sleeping for longer than 10 minute at a time.” – Danielle M. 
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Danielle found the Pigeon to be a perfect sleep aid for her son. Source: Supplied

My son and I have been so pleased to be able to try out the Pigeon MiniLight Pacifiers. He took to them straight away and much prefers them over his old brand. Overall I’m delighted with the size, product weight and quality of these dummies and would highly recommend them to fellow parents,” – Sonya M
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Sonya’s son loves his new dummy. Source: Supplied

I found the Pigeon MiniLight Pacifiers to be compact, lightweight and easy for my little boy to hold and put into his own mouth. I would definitely recommend these dummies,” Alicia E. 
Pigeon MiniLight review
Alicia’s little one loves her new dummy. Source: Supplied

The Pigeon MiniLight Pacifiers were a hit with my baby. He took to it straight away and sleeps peacefully with it,”  – Demetra 
Pigeon MiniLight review
Demetra’s son loved his lightweight dummy when awake and asleep. Source: Supplied
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Pigeon MiniLight Pacifier

Pigeon MiniLight Pacifier
Comfy for Bub8.7
Easy to Hold8.7
Baby Liked It8.7

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Find them at Pigeon

You can pick up a twin pack for $13.99 through the Pigeon Baby website. They will also be available in Chemist Warehouse shortly. 


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According to studies, between 60 and 85 per cent of infants are using pacifiers. Our little one’s natural instinct is to suck and while sucking on a bottle or breast is probably their first choice, this isn’t always possible. Many parents turn to dummies because they simply fill babies’ need to suck and help provide comfort that babies crave. 

If you are looking after a dummy for your little one, we definitely recommend giving Pigeon MiniLight pacifiers a try. While every baby is different, most of our baby reviewers took to the Pigeon MiniLight – fingers crossed your little one does too! 

This is a sponsored review for Pigeon.  All opinions are those of the reviewers. Reviewers were not paid for this review. 

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