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Best Cubby Houses 2021: 12 of the Best Cubbies for Aussie Kids

Is there anything more exciting to a child than a place to call their very own? Cubby houses provide kids with the perfect place to play indoors and outdoors and make a beautiful addition to your backyard or play area.

We have searched far and wide to discover the best cubby houses in Australia.

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Source: My Cubby

Shopping for a cubby house? Our top tips

THINK of delivery fees! They can be a killer.  If you’re after a smaller cubby house, you can most likely get it at your local shop. However, for larger cubby houses you may need to factor in delivery fees so pay attention!

Consider the wood – Australia’s weather conditions are pretty intense with hectic heat and some places with substantial rain. Not to mention cyclones, heavy winds and hail … you get the drift. So make sure you look for cubbies that are made with high-quality wood and, if painted, are also treated.

Castle and Cubby Zimi
Source: Castle & Cubby

Price Vs Quality – One of the things you may find when shopping for cubby houses in Australia is that there is a big discrepancy between prices.

Cubby houses start at $200 and go all the way up to $12,000. However, you will be paying for quality here. Many of the more affordable cubby houses don’t come with the durability or warranty you may be looking for in this type of investment. Another good thing is that many cubby house companies offer Afterpay, ZIPPay or Layby. 

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Source: Aarons Outdoor

Flooring – Yay or Nay? Many Australian cubby house suppliers will offer flooring as an extra or you can pick up some timber at Bunnings and make your own. If you’re putting your cubby indoors, then you may want to look into a playmat or shaggy rug.

What about a base? Will you be placing your cubby directly onto cement, tiles or wooden structure? Or will you need to make a base for your cubby? One great thing about elevated cubbies is that you may not need to make a base.

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Source: My Cubby

To elevate or not? Speaking of elevation, many Australian cubby house companies will give you the option to add elevation. This simply means lifting the cubby a bit higher. This is a great option for kids that love to climb and gives you the choice to add a slide, rope, climbing ladder, etc. It simply just adds another element of outdoor fun to the cubby house.

Pretty as a picture: One final thing to consider when shopping around for the best cubby house for your clan is how you would like to dress it up.  Would you like to paint it, add accessories, put in a play kitchen, transform it into a garage or reading nook or cafe or boat or police station? The possibilities are endless! Think creatively and you’ll be surprised how easily it can be transformed into a masterpiece.

Roundup: Best Cubby Houses in Australia for 2021

And now, onto the main event … finding your kids’ new cubby house! From epic outdoor castle cubbies to cute teepee tents – check out the best cubby houses in Australia.

Mini Zimi Cubby House

RRP: $4,440
WHERE TO BUY: Castle and Cubby

Castle and Cubby Zimi
Photography by @nikoleramsay for Castle & Cubby

If it’s a premium cubby house you’re after, then Mini Zimi is it! This beautiful cubby house is inspired by the architectural home of Zoe Paul of the Australian fashion label Mister Zimi.

Castle and Cubby are Australian made using sustainable timbers and eco-friendly paint. The flat roof style with framed awning and fun new features would suit any space! With fully framed walls, multiple options for size, timber, cladding, roofing and colour, this cubby not only inspires hours of play but looks sleek in any backyard. Trust us, you, I mean your kids, are going to LOVE this!

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The Country Cottage

RRP: $1,999 now $1,699
WHERE TO BUY: Country Cubbies

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Source: Country Cubbies

Another stunning choice is a country cottage type cubby and we love the Australian-made and made-to-order cubbies from Country Cottage. This is a family-owned and operated company that provides amazing service and exceptional quality cubby houses in Australia. Just check out the 300+ positive reviews on their socials!

Child-friendly and safe, the Country Cottage is made from Australian timber and built to last even in harsh climate conditions. The Country Cottage provides plenty of shaded space for backyard adventures. Get the kids outside and let their imaginations run wild while enjoying peace and quiet for you. It’s a win-win!

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Classic Cubby House

RRP: $2,895

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Source: My Cubby

cubby house PLUS verandah – this outdoor cubby house ticks all the boxes! High-quality wood, Australian-made and owned, easy assembly, Weathtex cladding (primed too), stairs and Perspex windows for all windows. Keep the sun out and the light in and keep cool, even in the scorching heat, with air ventilation between the roofing and cladding – definitely a plus for summer!

The framework is big and tough (like a house frame) and comes in either 600mm or 1.2m off the ground – so it’s great for ventilation and also if your ground is a little uneven so you can cut down legs to level.Another cool thing about the Classic Cubby House and any of the other cubbies in the My Cubby range is that you can customise them with cute accessories like slides, rock walls, cargo nets, fireman’s poles and so much more! They also have up to 2m of internal height, so plenty of room for us adults too.

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Aarons Outdoor – The Kingdom Cubby

RRP: $12,650 NOW $10,120
WHERE TO BUY:  Aarons Outdoors

best cubby houses - Aarons outdoors
Source: Supplied

If you’re after the master of all cubby houses, then look no further than this castle! There is no better or BIGGER cubby available in Australia.

Internally, The Kingdom is 2.4m wide and 3.4m long – giving you a whopping 8.16m² of internal space – not much smaller than a standard bedroom! And, let’s not forget the wraparound verandah, allowing you to add extra accessories like their UV protect slides, firemans poles + rock walls.  This cubby comes with all the premium quality options you’d expect from Aarons who have 25 years experience building Cubbies including 3 x sliding perspex windowsUV protected skylight, your choice of COLORBOND® steel colours, hardwood trim features and up to a 1500mm elevation height.

Don’t fret if you don’t have a massive backyard because Aarons have another 10 Cubby sizes you can choose from. Aarons Cubbies are made in Australia, by Australians, for Australians and Aarons offer an end-to-end building service, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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Duplex Cubby House

RRP: $1,695

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Source: My Cubby

Looking for a cubby that doesn’t take up too much space in your yard? The Duplex Cubby is a great choice especially if you’ve got smaller kids. This adorable three-level cubby house is all about activity play and comes with two big playspaces plus stairs.  You can add extras too – like a sandpit down below or a slide on the side. 

Another great addition to the Duplex is adding the Cafe and Blackboard option for the ground level – what child doesn’t love playing shops?  Each layout is customised so you can choose what layout you’d like.  Australian-made and owned, My Cubby are amazing at finding the right cubby for your space and have heaps of other cubbies on offer too. Delivery available Australia wide.

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Fun Shack with Mud Kitchen

RRP: $2,400
WHERE TO BUY: Kidzshack

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Photography by: @debrachng for Kidzshack

The Kidzshack fun shack comes kitted out with everything your children need for epic backyard adventures – mud kitchen, sandpit, 2.2m slide, rock wall, rope wall and 1-metre balcony! This double-storey cubby is the largest in the Kidzshack range and one of their most popular cubbies – and it’s easy to see why!

Not only fun for kids, but it’s also easy to set up – you’re looking at just 3-4 hours with 2 people and a battery drill. It comes with premade panels and predrilled holes and a prestained finish for temporary protection meaning you can put it up straight away (or on Christmas Eve) and paint it later.

Check out @kidzshack_kidz on Instagram for more inspiration on how to makeover your cubby. Kidzshack also offers delivery Australia-wide and 12 months interest-free finance options.

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Plum Play® Teepee Cubby House

RRP: $649.95 but with an intro discount of at least $150
WHERE TO BUY: Plum Play®, the Active Play Specialists 

Plum Play - Little Kid Gift Guide
Source: Plum Play®

This beautiful and spacious cubby is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play and will spark hours of imaginative play.

Ideal for reading, quiet time and pretend play, the world is theirs to explore in this adorable haven. It’s also customisable with unstained wood so you can paint it whatever colour their heart desires!

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Finley Cubby House 

RRP: $1,799
WHERE TO BUY: Big W and Lifespan Kids

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Source: Lifespan Kids

Lifespan Kids have a huge range of cute cubby houses to buy in Australia and Big W is one of the main retailers – Bunnings also stock a few Lifespan cubby houses. We love the Finley Cubby House the most though as it comes with space to play, plus a slide, ladder and rope climb too. It’s a play gym and cubby house in one.

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Pavilion Tent – Indoor cubby house 

RRP: $199

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Source: Pavillion Kids

This adorable indoor cubby house is a great buy for under $200! Easy to assemble, take apart, fold and carry around, your little ones will amuse themselves for hours in their own cosy den.

The more pillows, blankets, and cuddly toys they can cram in there, the better!

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Cubby house bed

RRP: $1,199

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Source: Amart Furniture

It’s a cubby and a bed together! How cool! The Cubby House Single Bed is made for both sleep and play and is available in pecan and country brown. Fronted by two windows and a door, and topped with a classic slat roof, it will be the centrepiece of any kid’s bedroom.

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Kmart Cubby

RRP: $399 – now $179

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Source: Kmart

For the best value cubby in Australia, you can’t go past Kmart. Their cubby houses are small but affordable and great for toddlers. They are also easy to put together, can be used indoors or outdoors and are completely customisable.

Check out all the clever ways you can paint and upgrade them here.

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Swing Slide Climb Cubby House

RRP: $520
WHERE TO BUY: Bunnings

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Source: Jenna Galley

This spacious cubby house is a bit more in price but it’s also a lot bigger inside and comes with a cute little veranda. It comes unpainted but you can easily paint it any colours you’d like.

Bunnings have a few other cubbies under $500 too – the Cuckoo Cubby, the Hut Cubby and their new Numbat Cubby.

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Cubby House Hacks & Inspiration

Have you decided on the right cubby house for your kids? Great! Now the fun begins! Check out some of our fave cubby house transformations over the years for some inspiration on how to make their new home even better:

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