Aussie Mum Splashes out on Lavish $40,000 Birthday Party for her 11yo

I don’t know about you, but I cringe at the costs of birthdays. Taking 10 kids to Laser Tag, plus snacks is gonna set me back $250-$300, and, maaaate, that’s a hefty chunk of change in my books.

But for PR guru, Roxy Jacenko, it’s peanuts. She recently made a splash on socials by sharing her daughter, Pixie’s extravagant 11th birthday bash – a $40,000 soiree that included a 360-degree photo booth, a custom pizza bar, a disco dance floor and a DJ.

The event of the year was held at La Porte Space in Alexandria and featured a “night-club theme”.

What does a $40,000 birthday get you? 

Not only the venue, but a whole slew of activities for the lucky 11-year-olds who made the exclusive guest list.

Pixie's 11th birthday party
Best party ever! Source: Instagram

There were hairdressers on hand to treat the girls to mermaid braids and a photographer to take snaps of the celebrities in the making. A lot of the girls donned cowboy hats as they danced and watched the shows, phones in their hands, VIP lanyards around their necks. 11-year-old goals right here.

Pixie's birthday party
A firebreather performance to top off the night. Source: Instagram

The girls were treated to mocktails and a firebreather performance, plus each guest took home a gift bag featuring products from Pixie’s Pix, which is Pixie’s online toy shop.

It’s reported that Pixie’s Pix made $200,000 in its first month alone – so clearly it’s going well for her.

Pixie's lavish birthday party
The lucky 11yo. Source: Instagram

Pixie is worth an estimated 21 million dollars and made headlines for her ninth birthday as well when her mum gifted her with an $85,000 Mercedes-Benz.

While Pixie obviously cannot drive a Benz, the proud mum explained that Pixie needs a safe car and a driver to chauffeur her and her little brother, Hunter, around in style.

Party like an 11-year-old

Roxy, who owns Sweaty Betty PR, hired renowned party planner, Mary Ronis, to plan the festivities for the 45 guests. The decorations alone looked like they cost a fortune with hot pink and silver decor, custom neon arches and balloons for days.


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Party of the year

While the guests of the party raved that it was the greatest party ever, plenty of commenters were a little thrown by the extravagant cost.

Instagram user Keztaycar wrote, “$40000 birthday…you are so out of touch.”

Bella_envy echoed the sentiment, writing “Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen, completely embarrassed that there are people like you so out of touch in this world”.

Birthday parties on steroids – go big or go home

However, Roxy’s lavish party for Pixie isn’t the most expensive birthday party we’ve seen. In 2019 a coupe made headlines for hosting a $140,000 party for their daughter, who was turning one.

British celebrities Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom hired the University of Bolton Sport Stadium for their daughter Alayana’s first birthday party. And no, not just the lobby, the ENTIRE STADIUM.

birthday party hosts, celebrity family

A jungle-meets-Amazonian-rainforest theme dance floor dotted with brilliant dancers dressed in animal costumes set the tone. Meanwhile, the stunning canopy – a kaleidoscope of gorgeous suspended paper butterflies – is just something else entirely. You can check out the full display here. 

If you’re on the hunt for some more affordable birthday party ideas, check out some of these ideas below:

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