Planning a new addition in 2020? Before you pick the perfect name, check out Mum Central’s predictions for which soon-to-be popular baby names are going to be all the rage next year. 

From royal inspiration to Disney movies, TV characters and Aussie stars, we expect BIG movement up the charts from these baby names.

How do we know these names are going to huge? We went to the experts – Nameberry and Bloom & Wild, who have given their top predictions. We’ve also added a few of the names we reckon will continue the climb to the top, based on the current baby name trends and tribes. 

Without further ado, here are our top 30 popular baby names to watch for in 2020:

Popular baby names 2020 predictions
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Royal and celebrity inspiration

Archie – The royals do it again with their choice for Baby Sussex. We reckon Archie is going to make some serious headwinds and hit the top 20 this year, alongside other royal faves like Charlotte, George, and Harry.

Meghan – Mumma Meghan Markle’s name may also gain some traction. Meghan was pretty popular back in the 80s and we can see it coming back again.

Ivy – Inspired by Queen Bey’s Blue Ivy, Ivy is also a flower name which is a super popular baby name trend this year.

Other floral names that are expected to grow include Lily, Poppy, Willow, and Daisy. In fact, bohemian baby names, in general, are taking centre stage, according to a number of baby name experts.

Leading ladies

Billie – Every time I hear this name I break out in the Bad Guy song. Billie Eilish is one trendy gal and she’s making a huge impression on the music scene. Could this translate to baby names too? We shall see.

Millie – From Billie to Millie, the lovable Millie Bobby Brown can take the credit for this naming trend.

Other celebrity leading ladies who are passing down their names to the next-gen include Emilia (from GoT’s Emilia Clarke), Maisie (Maisie Williams, also from GoT) and Margot (Robbie, from Suicide Squad, and, of course, Neighbours).

Disney and Queen

Jasmine – With the new Aladdin out this year, we expect this strong-willed princess will make a big impression on mums-to-be.

We also reckon Nala may make some tracks this year, inspired by The Lion King. We’ve got a few more Disney-inspired names to consider here.

Freddie – Thanks to the hit movie, Bohemian Rapsody, Freddie Mercury rises. And so does his name.

The “A” effect

One look at the most popular baby names of 2019 and it’s clear we mums LOVE the “a” end of our little ladies names. Olivia, Amelia, Ava, Mia, Isla – all in the top 10. We’re thinking this trend isn’t going anywhere just yet.

Freya – popular in Scotland and England, we can see Freya making traction over here too. It’s strong yet feminine – a perfect combo.

Cornelia – Another strong name, Cornelia is a cute alternative to the widely popular Amelia.

Other names with the “a” ending that are expected to climb include Mila, Thea, and Arabella. Al adorable and strong.

The “n” ending

For the boys, the “son” and “an” ending has been HUGE over the past decade. Just ask any teacher who taught Jackson, Braxton, Paxton, and Saxon, not to mention Jayden, Kaden, Brayden, and Hayden. Here are a few more expected to take off in 2020.

Grayson – It’s a bit different but still cute enough and we reckon it’s going to break into the top 100 this year.

Roman – Strong yet sweet, this is another one to watch.

Logan – Logan is already a fairly popular baby name but we have a feeling it’s going to keep the momentum going.

On-trend and on their way up

Oaklynn – A little bit boho, a little bit feminine – Oaklynn isn’t very common but that could easily change soon. Another name to watch – Oakley.

Bear – Sticking to the boho/nature names, Bear is one of those so-weird-it’s-kinda-cute names. It’s also got that celeb appeal with a number of baby Bear’s creeping up in Lalaland.

Maverick – For the extra hip parents, Maverick is the new Axel.

Ezra – Representing the biblical baby names, Ezra is taking over from the more popular options like Jacob and Noah. Elias is another chart-climber similar to Ezra.

Miles – First Chrissy Teigen, now Miranda Kerr. We expect the name Miles to take a big leap. After all, if the celebs are doing it…

Elsie – Another popular trend for baby names is vintage/old-school names. The one we’re watching? Elsie. Violet is another cute contender.

Astrid – Experts predict Astrid is about to make a big leap up the trending charts too. It’s got that celestial ring to it and is a cute alternative to the common star-inspired name, Stella.

Are you considering any of these names for your 2020 baby? If you are on the hunt for the perfect baby name, make sure you check out our Baby Names section. We’ve got thousands of ideas to choose from!


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