What Are We Naming Our Babies? Top 100 Baby Names of 2019

Planning on welcoming a little one this year and stuck on the name?

Or perhaps you’re already snuggling up to your brand new sweetheart and keen to see how many others share her moniker. Or, maybe you just REALLY like baby names (like I do).

Whatever the reason, we are more than excited to share with you the official top 100 baby names, for both boys and girls! Woot woot.

Every year McCrindle, the Lord Commissioners of baby name stats, shares their top names and trends with parents and parents-to-be. So, let’s have a look at this year’s lists, shall we? And see where our favourite baby names came in.

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Top Baby Names by State

Charlotte and Oliver remain in the hot spots for yet another year with many of the other top 10 favourite names maintaining their positions at the top of the ladder.

When compared state to state, Oliver was the most popular baby name is every state except the Northern Territory (where Jack slipped in) and Australia Capital Territory (where William reigned supreme).

Charlotte remained the frontrunner in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Tassie and Northern Territory but Ava took over the hot spot in Western Australia. Amelia was the leader in the ACT and Olivia in Victoria.

Interested in where these names came in previous years? We’ve got top baby names for 2018 and 2017 too, if you want to do some comparing.

Names to Watch

There are a few new names that have made their way into the top 100 just this year and several others that have experienced major popularity boosts.

For boys, these names include Theo, Leonardo, Maxwell, Nathan, Phoenix, Christian, Carter, Asher, Louis (thanks to Prince Louis we imagine), Theodore and Arthur.

On the top baby girl names, the names to watch include Thea, Adeline, Alyssa, Hayley, Pippa, Clara, Luna, Daisy, Florence, Emelia and Olive. 

Spot the trends 

Royals are clearly influencing our baby name decisions with Charlotte, George and Louis all positioned nicely on the ladders. I’m going to take a guess and predict that Archie is about to see a MASSIVE spike thanks to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s recent announcement.

Floral names are also a huge win for mums, especially those welcoming little girls. Willow, Ivy, Lily, Violet, Poppy, Daisy, Rose, Jasmine and Olive all placed in the top 100 baby girls names.

Another cool trend on the popular baby boy names is the popularity of both the long and short versions of names. For example, Max and Maxwell, Charlie and Charles, Nate and Nathan, Theo and Theodore, Eli and Elijah and Leo and Leonardo all made the top 100.

Find the perfect baby name

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