PSA: Naked Cleaners Have Become a Thing! For Real!

Dirty house? Haven’t see a bare bum in a while? This cheeky business man has found a way for clients to kill two birds with one stone. Yep. Naked cleaners are now a thing. 

Daniel Aitken, 28, started his naked cleaning business for a bit of a laugh, promoting his ‘rudey nudey’ services on Facebook buy-swap-sell pages.

After messages came flooding in, Daniel realised that his cheeky offer was in high demand – the people wanted a naked cleaner. And who was he to argue?

Giving the people what they want.

“So I bit the bullet, started doing it for real, and haven’t looked back since!” Daniel Aitken.

Each nude cleaner focuses on doing a high quality cleaning job, while entertaining their audience. Daniel described his typical cleaning service as fairly straight forward. “We turn up, have a quick chat… get naked and start cleaning.”

When asked just how naked we are talking, Daniel explained that he and his workers wear rubber gloves, so are not technically completely naked. But if we’re taking about the dangly bits – yep, they’re out.

naked cleaner
Source: Carter news

Naked Cleaning Brighton and Hove has got boundaries for its employees, though. It’s a strictly look and don’t touch arrangement.

“It’s a no contact sport…. Just cleaning and light conversation – no funny business!”

A former cuddle technician, Daniel has found the nude cleaning business to be much more lucrative and has committed himself completely to that.

Famous Buns.

Daniel’s business venture has caused quite the buzz online and he explains,

“My ex-girlfriend wasn’t too happy when my hairy behind was all over the news.”

Daniel’s business has received a lot of support from the Brighton gay community.

Room to grow.

Daniel plans to expand his nude cleaning business through Sussex and the rest of the UK.

Come on to Australia Dan, we know some housewives that would love to employ you! 

More makes cleaners? Yep, read about them here and how much they earn per hour or the Topless Barber Shop in Queensland.

naked cleaner
Source via Carters News

Images via Carters News.

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