20 Completely Random Questions Kids Asked Even Google Couldn’t Answer!

If parenting is good for anything, it’s proving just how little you actually know. Pretty much ALL the questions my kids ask me these days confuse me. I don’t know if I can blame baby brain or not, but, whatever the case, I use the response, “We should look that up on Google” more times than I’d like to admit.

But sometimes even Google doesn’t have the answers to the crazy questions our kids ask us. Case in point: this Reddit thread.

It started as a simple conversation starter with one Reddit user asking, “Parents of Reddit, what “why?” has your toddler thrown you that even Google couldn’t answer?”

And boy, did the parents of Reddit deliver the gems. Or, rather, their kids did.

Seriously you need a master’s degree in philosophy to answer some of them … plus a doctorate in bugs, dinosaurs, and dragons.

Below are just 20 of our faves that we have NO idea the answer to. Do you???

Questions kids ask that really BUG you 

1. “Do caterpillars burp?” – A caterpillar expert has actually confirmed the answer is no to this one. But, wow, what a question!

2. “Do red bugs have red legs?” – I’m gonna go with ‘no’ on that one.

3. “Why does Spiderman not shoot webs out of his butt like a normal spider?”  – Stan Lee, care to explain?

4. “What does spider poop look like?” –  For the record, Google does know the answer to this one. Spider poop looks like little splats of black, brown, white or grey. You’re welcome.

Existence and life’s purpose and all that deep and meaningful stuff 

5. “Why does the Tooth Fairy want my teeth?” – It’s a bit strange when you think about it. And creepy.

6. “Who was the first mother? You know, my mother’s mother had a mother, and then she had a mother too, but how far does it go, who was the first mother?” – What a mother of a question that is! And a hot comment for debate.

7. “When we go to sleep, where do we go?” – Where is this “sleep” place anyway?

8. “Why does the world go on forever and we do the same thing over and over again every day?” – Sorry buddy, we are adults and we still don’t have a valid answer for this. #groundhogday

9.  “Where was I before I was born?” – Sit down mum, this one could take a while…

10. “Why do bad people pretend to be good?” – How do you even begin to explain this one?

All about dinosaurs and dragons 

11. “If there really were dragons, what would they cost?” – Best Reddit answer? All the riches in Scotland.

12. “Did dinosaurs know humans could be fat?” – Another life lesson in ontology, but with dinosaurs.

13. “Why do dragons need arms?” – Seriously, though WHY??

The random and ridiculous questions kids ask

14. “Daddy, are you going to be a boy when you grow down?” – If Benjamin Button can do it.

15. “Why do we put one leg forward and one leg back while walking? Why can’t both legs go together?” – Kangaroos do it, why can’t we??

16. “Does Batman wear boots or does his suit have feet?” – I reckon it’s the latter.

17. “How do we see such big trees with such little eyes?” – Oh so innocent, and impossible to answer.

18. “Why do we have hippos?” – Stumped.

19. “Do ghosts have butts?” – Apparently they do.

20. And, finally, “What’s the smell of the colour nine?” – Take that Google. 

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