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9 Must-Have Products To Tick off Your Baby Checklist

Baby checklists are getting longer and longer, not to mention more expensive. In fact, if you were to purchase every single item marketed towards pregnant mums and new babies, you would probably need your very own Babies ‘R Us to store it all!

Some items you want, some items are good to have, some items simply take up space and some items are absolute must-haves. But how do you know which is which?

Often it depends on your baby. However, these nine items are the products everyone at Mum Central LOVED when we were pregnant or when we were new mums. These products made pregnancy easier or they provided peace of mind throughout the long newborn days and longer nights. They are the products we think you simply can’t do without.

Some items on our baby checklist are considered essentials, such as a capsule and a nappy bag, while others you may not have even thought to buy – like nipple cream and a thermometer. But trust us, you’ll be so glad you did!

Take a look at our must-have pregnancy and baby checklist and be sure to jot the products down as you go.


Active Truth Mama Full Length Pregnancy Tights and a Mama Feeding Crop

Get active (or at least look the part) with Active Truth’s awesome range of leggings, crop and maternity tops. We adore this range, especially their Mama Pregnancy Tights, the ultimate maternity tights for active mums-to-be.

Whether you’re waddling around the block or eating a block of chocolate on the lounge, these tights have your name all over them. The high-rise waistband grows with your bump to support and protect your bump while easing those pregnancy aches and pains.

Active Truth makes a whole range of awesomely comfy maternity and activewear items in sizes up to 3XL. Their Mama Feeding Crop is brilliant for breastfeeding on the go. Have a look at their new Smart Pocket Tights too which comes with a handy pocket to keep your keys, phone, snacks, etc.

Active truth maternity tights with pockets
Leggings are life during pregnancy and postpartum. Source: Supplied

BUY NOW AND SAVE 10%:  Stay active during your pregnancy and enjoy a 10% discount. Simply enter the code MUMCENTRAL at the checkout.

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Maya Holdall baby bag from VANCHI

Never leave home without a fully stocked nappy bag. You will always be prepared for the inevitable nappy change on the run with the super stylish Maya Holdall baby bag from VANCHI.

This isn’t your typical nappy bag – it’s extra luxe for one, with a pebbled leatherette finish and sophisticated silver hardware. It looks like a regular bag but inside there’s a whole world of pockets for all your baby and non-baby related items. We especially love the must-have large rear fold out organsier pocket – perfect those items you need quick access to!

You even have the option to personalise your Maya Nappy Bag with a customisable luggage tag. The bag comes in camel, nude and black and retails for $209.95.

Vanchi baby bag
Being organised never looked so good. Source: Supplied

BUY NOW AND SAVE 15%:  Shop now and enjoy 15% off for a limited time only (valid until 23 March 2020).  Simply enter the code MUMCENTRAL at the checkout.

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Mustela skincare products

One of the things you’ll notice when growing a baby is that your body takes a bit of a beating. That’s why giving your skin extra love is a MUST! The Mustela new maternity skincare range is all about nurturing your new mummy body during and after pregnancy.

Stock up on their Stretch Marks Cream, Stretch Marks Oil, Nursing Balm for your belly, breasts, and nipples. Their range is so gentle, formulated with 98% ingredients of natural origin, including some organic certified cares, and sure to keep your pregnancy ‘glow’ going strong.

Mustela skin products in baby checklist
Mustela is all about providing TLC for mums to be. Source: Supplied

BUY NOW:  You can pick up the entire Mustela range through Chemist Warehouse. They do products just for baby too including baby shampoo, bath gel, and cradle cap cream.

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Pigeon GoMini Breast Pump

A breast pump is so important for breastfeeding mums and yet it’s a baby checklist item that’s often overlooked. After all, why do you need a pump if you’re going to exclusively breastfeed? Trust us ladies – you do and investing in a decent one is the best thing you can do for yourself and your very engorged and swollen boobs!

We love the new, ultra-light Pigeon GoMini. It’s a double electric breast pump with all the bells and whistles but super small (similar to the size of your mobile phone) and great for pumping at home, at work or on the go.

The GoMini is comfortable and easy to use, comes with both stimulation and expression modes and is fuss-free which is what we all need in a breast pump. It retails for $349.99 and comes with two Pigeon bottles too.

baby checklist - GoMini breast pump
Compact, convenient and comfortable, the GoMini is your new breast friend. Source: Supplied

SHOP NOW: You can pick your own Pigeon GoMini up through the Pigeon website.

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Maxi Cosi Mico Plus baby capsule

You can’t get far without a baby capsule. In fact, you can’t leave the hospital until you’ve got a capsule or car seat sorted. Unless you wanna walk home, which we don’t recommend, especially after giving birth!

Maxi-Cosi Mico Plus is Australia’s number one Baby Capsule featuring a truckload of safety and comfort features, including side-impact protection Air Protect. It’s got an extendable sun canopy to protect from sun glare, water-resistant hood, magnetic harness holders to make the transition easier, rear and side mesh inserts for continuous airflow and so much more.

The Mico is also compatible with more leading stroller brands than any other capsule and is certified with aeroplane compliance so you can take it anywhere. With a lifetime warranty and Isofix compatible, it’s easy to understand why so many parents love and trust the Maxi Cosi brand.

Mico Plus capsule
The Maxi Cosi Mico Plus is safe, practical, and easy to remove from the car. Source: Supplied

BUY OR HIRE IT TODAY: You can buy your own through the Maxi Cosi website or hire a Maxi Cosi Mico Plus for as little as $2 per day.

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Marsupi  baby carrier from Marsupi Australia

Babies love to be held. Baby-wearing allows them to be in your arms while keeping your hands free. Marsupi provides the snugness of a wrap and the support of a carrier without any of the hassle or bulk of many other babywearing products. Simple, secure, comfortable. What more could you want from a baby carrier?

Marsupi Australia has two great carrier options. The Marsupi Breeze is made from a cotton-linen blend and is available in Slate Grey while the Marsupi Classic is made from 100% pure organic cotton and is available in Charcoal.

Marsupi baby barriers are so simple to use, they do not have any fiddly clasps or buckles and secure with 3 velcro fastening points. It’s perfect for newborns, infants and toddlers up to 15kg. Marsupi enables you to have more freedom and flexibility to get on with all the day-to-day activities that continue after your baby is born.

baby checklist - baby carrier
Marsupi makes every outing with bub effortless and enjoyable. Source: Supplied

SHOP NOW AND SAVE 20%:  Simplify motherhood with a comfortable and easy to use lightweight Marsupi Baby Carrier. And for 20% off too – simply use the code MUMCENTRAL at the checkout.

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VTech RM5752 HD Video Monitor with Remote Access

We can’t watch our babies 24/7. After all, we need to sleep, shower and pee too. That’s why a video monitor is such a godsend. Sleep well with the VTech RM5752 HD Video Monitor, the exclusive baby monitor partner of Red Nose Australia. It provides colour monitoring, automatic night vision and 2x digital zoom for the ultimate peace of mind, anywhere, anytime.

You can view your baby remotely for free via the VTech app as well as record images/video. For home monitoring, the parent unit has up to five hours of active viewing time before re-charging. Extra features include two-way talk, five soothing lullabies, temperature sensor, motion detection, and sound activation mode.

VTech video monitor in baby checklist
Peace of mind thanks to VTech. Source: Supplied

SHOP NOW: Keep your eye on bub from home or on the go with VTech. Check out the full range of VTech video monitors through their website. 

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Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer

Did you know the definition of a “fever” changes with age? What is fever in a newborn can be a normal temperature in a four-year-old. Thank goodness for the ThermoScan® 7 Ear Thermometer. The patented AgeSmart™ technology allows you to select the age category of your child to ensure the fever definition is as accurate as possible.

The result? At the simple touch of a button, Braun gives you a colour-coded reading that’s tailored to your child’s life stage which takes ALL the guesswork out of interpreting a thermometer reading. Plus, it has a pre-warmed tip, night light, and fast temperature readings, all of which make this thermometer so popular with Aussie mums, doctors, and paediatricians.

baby, thermometer baby checklist
When your baby spikes a fever, you’re going to be so grateful that you bought a Braun baby thermometer! Source: Supplied

SHOP NOW:  The ThermoScan® 7 Ear Thermometer retails for $120.99 – $154.95 at Chemist Warehouse and other selected pharmacies. For more information on the product including where to buy visit the Braun website.  Always read the label and follow the directions for now


Pharmacy 4 Less $100 voucher

You get very familiar with the local pharmacy when you’re pregnant or nursing a newborn. It starts with vitamins during pregnancy, moves on to teething gels and later you may want some earplugs for when your partner is on baby duty. That’s why we love discount chemists – you can save some serious cash on all the essentials you need.

When you’re growing another human, the recommended dietary intake of nutrients increases by up to 50% and despite the best intentions, it can be difficult to meet these additional nutritional needs through diet alone. Seriously, there’s no way you can eat enough spinach, beans and kale to keep up with your body’s demands. Pharmacy 4 Less stocks all the pregnancy supplements* you need including Elevit, Blackmores and more. Before adding them to your baby checklist, consult your doctor and midwife about which one is right for you.

You can also find a huge range of teething products that will save your sanity as those little pegs burst through, sunscreens to keep their skin safe and medicines to help ease pain and fever. It really covers all the essentials you will need.

Pharmacy 4 Less
Pharmacy 4 Less has all the pregnancy, baby and family health essentials you need. Photo: Supplied


SHOP NOW:  Pharmacy 4 Less has more than 100 stores Australia wide. The Discount Chemist offers the very best professional advice and service at the lowest prices. They will even BEAT any competitors advertised price on absolutely everything they stock guaranteed!. shop now


*Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Vitamin supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional. If you have had a baby with a neural tube defect/spina bifida, seek specific medical advice.

More baby checklist must-haves

Of course, these items are only some of the things on your baby and pregnancy checklist. You’ll need clothes, a cot, and, don’t forget the maternity pads!! We’ve got a handy PDF pregnancy checklist you can print out to help with all your shopping and budgeting. Sweet!

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