DOWNLOAD: Banish Boring Lunch Boxes with these Qute Qukes®!

Small in size and BIG in flavour and versatility – you’ll be AMAZED by these Qukes® creations which are sure to lift your lunch game. No doubt about it, Qukes® baby cucumbers are the coolest, freshest snacks to hit lunch boxes this year!

School is BACK (well, soon!) and the daily lunch box chore need not grind your gears with these fresh, healthy and fun ideas using yummy Qukes®. We’re talking the kind of winning and not-at-all boring lunches that WON’T be coming back home in the lunch box – they’ll be devoured on the spot. SWEET!

Here are eight delicious ways to get tasty Qukes® baby cucumbers into your kids (without nagging them!) and keep your lunch game strong!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”1. Qukes® Funny Face Animal Sandwiches”]

Better than a zoo visit, Qukes® funny face animal sandwiches are pure delight – and there’s no entry fee in sight! Eat an elephant one day and a frog the next. #getinmybelly

Qukes baby cucumbers
Elephant trunks and froggy legs, oh my! Source: Perfection Fresh

[mc_block_title custom_title=”2. Lunch Box Skewers”]

You always win with food on a stick! Layer up for the ultimate chicken sandwich, complete with Qukes® and salad all on the one handy dandy lunch box skewer.

Qukes baby cucumbers
Build it up, build it up, build it higher! Source: Perfection Fresh

[mc_block_title custom_title=”3. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Lunch Box Salad”]

It’s mac and cheese WITH A TWIST! Cold and creamy, this mac and cheese salad with Qukes® and Solanato® tomatoes added is just what summer ordered!

mum central
Qukes® mac ‘n’ cheese for the salad WIN! Source: Perfection Fresh

[mc_block_title custom_title=”4. Green Monster Qukes® Cheese Balls”]

More cute than scary, these Qukes® green monster cheese balls are bite-sized balls of YUM! A super fun recess snack to pack in a lunch box.

Qukes baby cucumbers
The cutest Qukes® cheese ball monsters you ever did see. Source: Perfection Fresh

[mc_block_title custom_title=”5. Qukes®, Ham and Salad Monster Rolls”]

Qukes®, ham and salad monster rolls get cheeky! With Qukes® tongues and sweet edible eyes, these characters make for an epic, eye-candy lunch.

Qukes baby cucumbers
Qukes® monster rolls, perfect for big appetites! Source: Perfection Fresh

[mc_block_title custom_title=”6. Qukes® Snack Attack Dippers!”]

For those who prefer a grazing style lunch, try these Qukes® wedge dippers and dips on for size! There are recipes for beetroot hommus, roasted Solanato® tomato guacamole, Qukes® and avocado tzatziki and roasted cauliflower hommus to discover!

mum central
Dip it, Qukes® style! Source: Perfection Fresh

[mc_block_title custom_title=”7. Qukes® Sandwiches”]

Perfect for older kids, adults or just kids who have refined tastebuds, the Qukes® sandwich possibilities are as beautiful as what they are scrumptious. Is this art or lunch?

Qukes baby cucumbers
Qukes® done RIGHT. Sublime sandwiches all week long! Source: Perfection Fresh

[mc_block_title custom_title=”8. Qukes® Sushi”]

Qukes® baby cucumbers are just the right size for creating clever crunchy sushi rolls. Qukes® paired with cream cheese, sweet chilli sauce and wholemeal bread – are sure to be gobbled up quick sticks!

mum central
Qukes® sushi rolls for the win. Easy and QUICK! Source: Perfection Fresh

Plenty of Qukes® Recipes at Your Fingertips!

For all of the above recipes and even MORE (yes, there’s LOADS more!) delicious and fresh Qukes® baby cucumber ideas, download this FREE Perfection Fresh Lunch Box Legends recipe e-book.

Warning: You’re going to be impressed and you’re going to want to make them ALL.

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mum central

mum central

Take a look at our Qukes® Three Ways video below to see just how versatile these tasty baby cucumbers can be.

YouTube video

Why Choose Perfection Fresh Qukes®?

Good things come in small packages, baby cucumbers included! Perfection Fresh Qukes® baby cucumbers are the perfect choice for the whole family. Grown right here in Australia, and sweetened by the glorious sun, they’re crunchy, thin-skinned and the perfect palm-sized snack for easy snacking on-the-go.

Qukes® pack the perfect munch and give the perfect crunch!

Qukes® baby cucumbers are available from leading supermarkets and independent retailers priced for just $4.50 RRP per punnet. Grab a punnet or two and check out the recipes to plan your lunch box game!

Qukes® baby cucumbers recipes

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