“Salt and That’s It” – Preschoolers Write a Hilarious Recipe Book


When Ethan’s recipe for eggs involves pancakes, sugar and Skittles you know breakfast is going to be a VIBE. Do you think your kids’ recipes would be like any of these crackers?

Recently resurfacing on Twitter is Jordan Adams’ tweet about his nephew Ethan’s class and their recipe writing and boy, what a delicious treat it is. Get ready for a belly laugh folks!

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Source: Twitter

Kids write a class recipe book

I’m not sure what is better – the fact that the teacher requested preschoolers to write their favourite recipes or that those recipes – WORD FOR WORD – were then printed into a keepsake book for families. What a memorable gift for all. DO proceed with caution if attempting to cook from the pages, as you can see below in Jordan’s pics – the details are sketchy.

Ethan’s Eggs

Note the lack of actual eggs in Ethan’s recipe ingredients. But he’ll give you his eggs made by mum. Got it.

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1 hour of prep, SHEESH. Source: Twitter

Ariana’s Macaroni

Fruit and cheese are worthy macaroni contenders, right? It’s all about balance. Side note: I’m willing to bet Ariana loves a chat while waiting for the oven to heat up like fire.

class recipe book
“IT’S TIME TO LEAVE GUYS”. Say it like that. Source: Twitter

Joe’s Tacos

Joe hot the panic button while writing his recipe. It’s a hybrid tacos come cheesy rollups meal with a dash to the finish line with a watermelon. Make of it what you will. You’ll need around two hours Joe says.

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Wait… Joe even mentions VOMIT. Excellent. Source: Twitter

Sebastian’s Pancakes

“Salt and that’s it”. Bless. Sebastian is ALL about the clean up – “don’t leave the plate on the table, you have to throw it away in the sink or flies will get on it”. PREACH IT SEBASTIAN.

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Source: Twitter

Twitter loves these questionable mini Masterchefs

Twitter blew up with just as hilarious tweet replies upon reading the recipes.

“Bad, but really the watermelon sound kinda good too. I mean it looks like it takes a while to get ready”

“Where can I buy this cookbook? I think I want to make joes tacos they sound good.”

“It’s weird, but I can hear kids’ voices while reading the instructions and that just makes Ariana’s Macaroni so much better.”

$70 for salty pancakes seems steep… Or the most Brooklyn brunch entree ever.

One thing I’m sure of is the Twittersphere – and – us would love to read more!

A hilarious gift idea awaits…

As a FUN exercise, why not ask your kids to write out a couple of their favourite recipes for a family cookbook. It could make for a special gift for your mum (or just tuck it away for future laughs). What do you think will be the first recipe they prattle off and will there be any pearlers like this class recipe book?

Anywho, I’m off to cook up Sebastian’s pancakes. Mmmmmmm SALT.

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“Salt and that’s it.” via GIPHY

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