10 French Onion Soup Mix Uses – the Pantry’s Secret Weapon!

French onion soup mix – it can be a little controversial but I’m not hearing a bad word against my childhood culinary flavour saviour. Not all heroes wear capes guys – or chefs’ hats. Turns out, some are found lurking in the soup aisle at the supermarket. Don’t know what to use it for? Come count the ways!

It’s a rag to riches story if ever you’ll hear one – French onion soup can take a dish from meh to woah, pinky promise. Not only that, it’s cheap as chips at the supermarket. Cheaper than chips – Woolworths sell the good stuff from just 45¢ a packet.

french onion soup
French onion soup mix FOR THE BUDGET WIN.

So you want to know what you can use this flavour bomb in? Read on!

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1. Creamy potato bake

Add a packet of the soup mix to 600ml of cream next time you’re making a potato bake. You can thank us later. #GAMECHANGER

2. Rissoles

Sometimes rissoles and meatloaf are missing something in the spice factor. Add a few tablespoons of the holy grail soup mix for added (delicious) wow factor.

3. Roast potatoes

Think potatoes are a bit of a weak vegetable choice? NO MORE. Give them a shakeup with French onion soup mix before roasting and taste how they level up! It’s roast potatoes for the win!

perfect roast potatoes
You’ll never cook roast potatoes without the magic mix again. Image: Adobe

4. French onion dip

Mix a sachet of French onion soup mix with a tub of sour cream for a quick sticks dip.

5. Soup, obvs

Follow the instructions on the soup packaging for an easy peasy delicious onion soup. Very French. Very tasty.

6. Apricot chicken

An oldie but a goodie and my personal favourite. French onion soup mix marries perfectly with a tin of apricot nectar for a rocking good, budget-friendly apricot chicken dinner.

7. French onion pull-apart bread

How does a great big chunk of flavoursome French onion pull-apart bread tickle your fancy? Shut up and take my money!

French onion soup mix
I mean, PLEASE. Source: Ethan Calabrese / Delish

8. An all-purpose season

Sprinkle French onion soup mix on steak or lamb before grilling. YUM. Or, toss a tablespoon into your breadcrumbs for a delicious schnitzel crumb.

9. Nuts and bolts mix

Added to an Australian classic, French onion soup mix came into its own with the one-handful-is-never-enough nuts and bolts mix!

10. Roast chicken rub

Give your chicken the best massage ever! Rub soup mix onto a chicken before roasting (or slow cooking). It’ll deliver BIG TIME in flavour!

French onion soup mix
Such an excellent, flavoursome, winner, winner, chicken dinner! Source: Supplied

What other soup mixes do you love and what do you use them for? We’d love to hear!

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