Should I Have Another Baby? Here’s 11 Ways to Tell if You’re Ready

There comes a time in most women’s lives when we contemplate adding another tiny human to the family.

But it’s often hard to tell if it’s a good idea or if our ovaries are just playing clucky mind games with us. Ovaries tend to do that.

So how can you tell if you’re really ready to have another baby? See how many of these ring true for you.

1. You’re not overly attached to sleep

Sleep is for the weak, after all. If you’re already used to not sleeping that well, then the reality of having a new baby who also doesn’t sleep might not be so bad.

2. You’re also not overly attached to wine.

Get ready for Dry July, OctSober and Parched March. Oh…and the seven other months of pregnancy.

3. You have the cutest baby name

And somehow it just doesn’t work if you use it for a cat.

4. You want to give all these new pregnancy trends a try

Like turning your uterus into a cool work of art. And using Padsicles for your post-birth lady bits.

Ultrasound art laura steeman

5. You’re ready to labour on like a trooper

The test-drive wasn’t awesome. But, hey, you know what it’s all about now. And you’re ready to rock it this time around. Need a refresher, this real-life labour video is comedy GOLD.

6. You really want all the cool pregnancy and baby stuff

Like these two amazing new strollers from Baby Jogger. Then there’s the cute baby grows, even cuter sleeping bags, an awesome nappy bag for you…we could go on all day.

Britax Flexx Stroller Win

7. You see pregnant bellies and babies everywhere you go!

Oh look. Another pregnancy announcement on Facebook. It must be a sign the universe wants you to procreate again too.

8. You’re sick of buying sanitary products

Sure, pregnancy symptoms suck. But morning sickness is looking a lot less awful when compared to the monthly meetings with Aunt Flo. A break from the pad party every month might be nice.

9. You miss the newborn smell

It’s actually proven to be as addictive as sugar. Or drugs. So #sniffallthebabies. And make another one so you can stop sniffing random newborns and have your own baby head to sniff.

newborn wont sleep letter to mums

10. Your husband is not annoying the hell out of you

After all, you kind of need him to have another baby. An annoying husband can do the job too, but it’s always nice to start the pregnancy not hating your husband. Save the anger for labour. 

11. You are pretty pleased with the aftermath of the previous pregnancy

You ended up with an adorable tiny human who is, without a doubt, your world.

When you’re ready to have another baby, you’ll want to double this joy, to give your baby a sibling and to provide your heart (and belly) with another reason to expand.

Being a mum, after all, is amazing. And being a mum of more-than-one? It’s even better. Just as long as they don’t poo at the same time. Then it can get a little bit messy.

We’re celebrating #pregnancymonth here at Mum Central! Have a look at our pregnancy section for more tips, tricks and truths about adding to the fam.

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