RECALL: Kmart Christmas Wreath with Berries

Attention Kmart shoppers – you may have to undeck the halls thanks to this latest product safety recall. Kmart is urging customers to take down their wreaths and return them ASAP. 

Kmart Christmas wreath recall

The wreath in question is the Half Wicker Wreath with Berries (42923794) and the issue comes down to it not being properly treated when arriving in Australia.

Kmart christmas wreath recall
If you’ve got this Christmas wreath, you will need to return it. Source: Kmart

While it doesn’t pose harm to us humans, it isn’t great news for the native plants. 

According to Kmart, 

The treatment given to this product has been determined to have been ineffective and it may contain unwanted organisms that could affect plants native to the country.

This product could potentially pose a risk to native flora.”

This item was available for purchase between 26 September 2020 and 7 December 2020. 

Kmart is urging those who purchased the product to return it to any Kmart stores. It doesn’t matter if you have a receipt or not – bring it back. Even if it looks REALLY good on your front door.

Kmart is also asking customers to contact their Customer Service team on 1800 124 125.

This is the second product recall issued by Kmart this week. Earlier in the week, Kmart recalled their Anko Gravity Bouncer due to risk of injury. 




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