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Recycled Trampoline Ideas: 10 Trampoline Hacks to Flip For

Like it or not, one day your trampoline won’t look as fresh and fun as it once did. The sides will start to rip, the foam around the edges will fade and the kids will most likely stop using it every day. Sooner or later, it will become a bit of an eyesore in your backyard.

You may decide to bin it, donate it or sell it but you have another option – upcycle it! Transform your old trampoline into something AHMAZING!

We’ve tracked down some phenomenal recycled trampoline ideas and creative trampoline hacks to breathe new life into the old tramp.

If you love a good upcycle project, then these ideas will have you bouncing for joy!

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1. Backyard camping 

trampoline recycled hacks
Source: Pinterest

The kids would KILL for something like this. And how great to be able to camp off the damp ground! You wouldn’t even need to buy mattresses – just some pillows, quilts and torches and they are all set. Lockdown camping 2021?

2. The circle of plants 

trampoline repurpose ideas - planter
Source: Pinterest

If you’re a crazy plant lady, then you can easily add a bit more greenery to your zone by using an old trampoline as the framework. We love how they’ve alternated planters with outdoor lights. Bet it looks lovely at night!

3. Green oasis  

Trampoline recycled ideas
Source: Home Junkie Facebook

Here’s another option to add a bit of greenery to your outdoor area. Chop up your old tramp, weld some new bits to it and show off your green thumb. We love this little set up.

4. Swing the day away 

recycled trampoline swing
Source: Home Junkie Facebook

Recycling old trampolines into floating chairs, swings and hammocks is a pretty popular option for trampoline upcycle ideas.

You will need a bit of know-how (check YouTube for DIY videos) plus some extra cosy cushions to complete the look.

5. Chicken coop

recycled trampoline ideas
Source: comment-economiser

If you’re looking to add some chickens to the backyard, you can easily transform an old trampoline into a chicken coop with a bit of timber. BRB- heading to Bunnings.

6. Outdoor seating

trampoline upcycle ideas
Source: Home Junkie Facebook

#EntertainingGoals right here. All you need are some wine holders built in and you’re pretty much set for life.

7. A magical fort 

recycled trampoline ideas
Source: Home Junkie Facebook

mum central

Another great one for the kids! And this one requires very little DIY. Start by flipping the trampoline upside down and go from there. A few fairy lights, some fabric, a table setting and you’re nearly there.

Want to know another great thing about this recycled trampoline idea? It’s shaded too!

8. Musical xylophone

mum central
Source: Pinterest

For the music lovers out there, this is a cute idea, if you can handle the sound.

9. Outdoor beds

recycled trampoline ideas into beds
Source: Home Junkie Facebook

Create your own backyard bed with this super simple trampoline hack! Love the pirate ship-themed one!

And the best thing about this trampoline hack is that you can easily create the look with some curtains, pillows and blankets. Looks like a trip to Spotlight might be in order.

10. Soccer goal

mum central
Source: comment-economiser

Forget buying your own soccer net to practice in the backyard! This is a great alternative for budding soccer stars. Keep them busy and burn some energy. Winning!

So there you go – 10 easy recycled trampoline ideas. Keen to give any of them a try? Check out a few more of our upcycle ideas to add a bit of extra to your home. Why buy when you can repurpose, right?

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