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REVIEW: Dermal Therapy Little Bodies Children’s Eczema Cream, Lotion & Wash

Did you know that 1 in 3 babies suffers from eczema? I, for one, am one of the countless mums that have children who become part of that statistic.  In fact, both of my boys have eczema so I am forever on the hunt for a quality children’s eczema cream given both my boys (Hugo, 5 and Thibault 2) have had this since birth.

If we don’t keep on top of their eczema when it’s triggered, it’s often quick to inflame and hard to get the kiddies’ skin back on track.”

I was recently asked to review Dermal Therapy Little Bodies – a 3-step regimen of care and that’s a clinically tested prescription alternative for the treatment and longer-term management of mild eczema in children. To say I jumped at the opportunity is an understatement. Could this be what I’ve been searching for?

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Check out my full video review below of Little Bodies children’s eczema cream, lotion and wash.

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If you’re not familiar with Dermal Therapy, they are hugely famous for their amazing lip and heel balm. Even better, their Little Bodies range is specially formulated for babies and children with mild eczema, and suitable for babies from birth to 12 years.

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Always read the label. If symptoms worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional.
Follow the directions for use. Source: Supplied

Their eczema range comes dermatologist recommended and features 3 core products. They’re made with non-irritating ingredients, are dairy and nut-free and are clinically tested with proven efficacy.

Made from pure and high-quality ingredients, Little Bodies includes colloidal oatmeal which is fabulous at relieving skin irritation, itching and dryness. It’s free from all the nasties (no soap, SLS or parabens) and gentle on all skin types.

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Little Bodies is the perfect solution for kids with eczema. Source: Supplied

Wash and shampoo for bath time

First up is the Dermal Therapy Little Bodies Eczema Wash and Shampoo which I’ve also been using every night during bath time with the boys.

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Little Bodies Eczema wash and shampoo is great to use every day. Source: Supplied

The texture is quite luxuriously creamy and thick! It still lathers up nicely with bubbles and the kids like this. You can feel that it’s not going to dry out their skin like thin soapy products would.”

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Eczema lotion for daily defence

Next up is also the Dermal Therapy Little Bodies Eczema Moisturising Lotion which can be used daily. I put it on both of my boys three times a day regardless of whether they had a flare-up or not. This is because one of the best ways to manage eczema long term is to keep the skin well moisturised with a good quality moisturiser.

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The Eczema moisturising lotion can be used 3-4 times per day. Source: Supplied

The lotion has a thick texture but doesn’t take a lot to rub in, which is great for wriggly kids that you’re trying to dress.

Another added bonus is that both the lotion and wash can be used on anyone. You don’t need to be suffering from eczema. I have dry winter skin and I’ve been using it as well!” Saengtip, Mum to Hugo (5) and Thibault (2)

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Children’s eczema cream for flare-ups

Finally, there’s the Dermal Therapy Little Bodies Eczema Relief Cream, ideal for flare-ups.

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If we don’t get keep on top of their eczema when it’s triggered, it’s often quick to inflame and hard to get the kiddies’ skin back on track.

My youngest kept scratching the one spot on his leg and it flared up fast! We used the cream right away, three times a day and I noticed he stopped scratching after a few hours. The flare up also started to subside significantly in the days of continual use.”  Saengtip, Mum to Hugo (5) and Thibault (2)

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Perfect for flare ups, the Eczema Relief Cream really hit the mark. Source: supplied

A long-term solution to eczema, no prescription needed! 

What I loved about Dermal Therapy Little Bodies is that they are all about the high efficacy for the best long-term management of mild eczema and sensitivity.

Dermal Therapy Little Bodies is clinically tested to be just as effective as a prescription treatment in relieving itch & redness in the short term but can also be used as long-term management.

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I used to hate having to resort to prescription creams with my boys. It’s such a relief to have a non-prescription cream that you can buy online and that is just as effective as a prescription treatment. 

Plus, it can be used ongoing, as a longer-term post-treatment management. This isn’t a short-term, quick-fix.” Saengtip, Mum to Hugo (5) and Thibault (2)

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Little Bodies Eczema range really helped to relieve mild children’s eczema symptoms. Source: Supplied

Another great thing about Dermal Therapy Little Bodies is that they are Australian-made and owned. This is a big tick for me as I prefer to support local companies and I know a lot of other parents do too.

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Dermal Therapy Little Bodies

8.6Dermal Therapy Little Bodies
Easy to Use
Symptoms Improved
Value for Money

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Buy Now Online at Chemist Warehouse

You can pick up the entire range online only at Chemist Warehouse starting at $12.99 to $14.99. It’s currently 50% off too, from 16 August 2021 to 5 September now

mum centralNot only do I recommend Dermal Therapy Little Bodies, but so do plenty of other mums – check out this review

Plus, it also comes with the seal of approval from dermatologists. In fact, Dermal Therapy is a proud supporter of Eczema Association Australia. 

So with that said, we love what it’s done for my kids and their eczema and that’s why we’ve given it our Mum’s Choice thumbs up!

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It’s happy smiles all round thanks to Dermal Therapy Little Bodies Eczema range. Source: Supplied

This is a review for Dermal Therapy. All opinions are those of the reviewer. The reviewer was not paid for this review.

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