Four-Year-Old Boy Dies After Getting Stuck in His Toy Box

Warning: distressing content.

On Sunday, 25 July 2021, four-year-old Kache Wallis’ grandma tucked him in for bed. She closed the door and left her grandson to go to sleep.

The next morning when she went in to see him, he wasn’t there. His bed empty, the room empty and no sign of Kache.

Four-year-old vanishes from bedroom

Kache’s family, who live in Utah, USA, called the police who arrived at the house. They searched the Utah home but couldn’t find the little boy anywhere.

The community joined the search for Kache, checking various locations around the town. They also decided to recheck the home. It was during this second check that his body was located inside a small toy chest in his bedroom.

It would appear that the small boy climbed into his toy chest, most likely at night, and couldn’t get out. Police believe the death was accidental and the cause of death was due to“positional asphyxiation”.

Tragic toy box death

Family members were interviewed and further investigation was conducted. Police confirmed the death as accidental.

“Our sincerest condolences are sent to Kache and his family,” police said in a statement.

Although the details surrounding this heartbreaking accident are hazy, it would appear Kache may have either climbed into the box to hide or perhaps to get one of his toys out. We all know how children love to play hide and seek or climb into boxes but it’s just awful to think something like this could happen.

A few years ago a little boy climbed into the back of his mum’s car to hide and ended up getting locked inside for several hours.

Another tragic accident occured when a toddler climbed into a front-loading washing machine, turned it on and couldn’t get out.

These types of tragedies remind us how quickly something horrible can happen and how supervision is so incredibly important. If you do have a large, heavy toy chest in your home, it might be worth investing in an open lid one instead. Check out these other ways to toddler-proof your home. 

RIP little one. Our thoughts are with Kache and his whole family.

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    I know a family who were living in a rental house. The 4 year old climbed into the clothes dryer and closed the door.
    Luckily his Mum heard the click of its door and went searching to check out the noise. The 4y.o. was checking out whether he would fit in it. His parents applied to the landlord and were permitted to put a bracket on the wall

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