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WIN: VTech Video Monitor with Remote Access PLUS Heaps MORE Sleep Goodies

Babies need A LOT of stuff. I’m talking cots, capsules, change tables, carriers and oh so much more. 

But the list of “must-have baby items” doesn’t end there. You see, mums need stuff too. A breast pump, an uninterrupted shower and a self-cleaning house would be nice.

But you want to know the thing that new mums need the most? Apart from a decent night’s sleep? It’s the peace of mind that bub is okay, no matter where you are. 

This is what the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor offers parents – constant monitoring and assurance that your child is sleeping soundly, even when they’re not in the same room.

If you are a new or soon-to-be new mum and on the hunt for a quality, reliable baby monitor, you can’t afford to miss taking a look at the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor.

Vtech Baby Monitor

Thanks to our friends over at VTech we have ONE VTech Video Monitor to give away as part of a VTech Safe & Sound Nursery Pack. In addition to the VTech Video Monitor, which our reviewers absolutely loved, one lucky reader will receive an additional Pan & Tilt Camera, a Storytelling Turtle Soother and a Portable Monkey Soother.

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Meet the all new VTech VM99000 Video Monitor.

This video monitor has all the clever features you didn’t know you needed in a baby monitor (before baby actually arrived), but will find it hard to live without after.

Features like auto night vision, remote viewing via the app and motion activation, to name a few.

And one of the most important features of this tech-savvy device is that all video transmissions are encrypted to protect your privacy. Plus, add in the option to zoom in and record your sleeping babe and you’ve got yourself one of the hottest baby monitors on the market!

Sounds great, right? But what do parents think of the latest video monitor to hit the market?

“Best I’ve Used to Date” : Families Try VTech VM9900 Video Monitor

Earlier this year we provided four families with the chance to try the brand new VTech VM9900 Video Monitor.  All our reviewers have babies under the age of 2 and, like all mums, wanted a way to closely monitor their little one with ease.

Here’s what they had to say about the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor:

“There’s way more features to it than the other monitor I used previously. The fact you can spin it around and up and down, the phone app, the recording, the nice screen!” – Kelly T.

“There are so many things to love about the VTech VM9900! The VM9900 gave me the confidence to move my one-year-old out of our room and into the room with his sister. The video quality is of such a high standard, I can see both of my babies and trust they are okay. I can even now take a shower without worrying about those phantom cries! The quality of the camera was the best I’ve used to date.” – Amanda K.

VTech video monitor

‘Functional & Fantastic’ – Favourite Features our Mums Loved

All mums agree – the VTech Video Monitor is jam packed with useful features that new parents need.  Here’s the six top features our mum testers especially loved:

1. Auto night vision

For all four of our families, the auto night vision is the stand-out feature of the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor. Even in the pitch black, you can get a clear picture of bub, saving you a trip in to check that everything is okay.

2. Two-way talk from parent unit or remotely via the VTech app

Being able to talk to bub through the parent unit or app is another huge plus. As Lisa O. tells us, “We could ‘shhh’ the baby back to sleep [from our own room], saving us a few ‘rock, paper, scissors’ matches, deciding whose turn it was to settle him!” 

mum central

3. The pan, tilt and zoom in capability

Parents can easily get a better look at bub through the unique pan, tilt and zoom in capability on the VTech app, which allows parents to monitor the whole room and zoom in on bub.

“The tilt, pan and zoom was so very easy to use. I loved that I could check on my baby without having to go in his room and disturb him. Plus, the monitor was very clear for both day and night time viewing.” – Crystal C.

4. Easy set up

Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person out there, VTech makes the set up straightforward and easy. Even technology-hating partners and 58-year-old Grandma can do it!

5. Functional design

The compact size is another benefit, our mums say. The monitor can easily fit on a shelf but isn’t bulky or cumbersome.

6. Remote viewing anytime, anywhere

Designed to give parents peace of mind, day and night, this VTech baby video monitor also connects to a free app so you can keep baby close, whether you’re just in the other room or away from home.

VTech’s newest video monitor is the most advanced video monitor in the VTech fleet. It does require a reliable and strong Wi-Fi connection in order to work at its best. 

Check that you have a Wi-Fi connection of 1.0 Mbps upload speed/bandwidth and ensure that your modem is located close to where the video monitor will be plugged in. 



Get Your VTech Baby Video Monitor Today!

If you do tend to get a bit anxious when you’re away from bub, the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor is definitely worth considering.  I can’t tell you how much I would have loved this when my two were little, especially when I was working away, running errands or asleep in the other room. Being able to look at a screen and see that your baby is still sleeping soundly would have saved me countless mini heart attacks and sneaky trips down the hallway to check on them.

This peace of mind is something all new parents need and something the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor can provide. If you’re in the market for a video monitor, then give VTech’s all new VM9900 a try.

Find out more and pick one up direct from VTech for $329.mum central


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This is a sponsored article for VTech. All opinions are those of the reviewers. Reviewers were not paid for this trial and are not employed by Mum Central.
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  1. Avatar of Michelle fay
    Michelle fay Reply

    Absolutely perfect for our little family and would be so grateful

  2. Avatar of Marie Bartlett
    Marie Bartlett Reply

    Would be wonderful for my grandchild due in January. Gives new parents peace of mind.

  3. Avatar of Rachael

    This would be handy so when my son is at his grandmas she can watch him while he is asleep and do jobs. But also i can look in on him while im out and about or at work.

  4. Avatar of Erin

    I have to go back to work earlier than expected and it would be nice to be able to check on bubba whilst they are at nannies.

  5. Avatar of Erin

    Im due in 4 weeks and have been unable to decide on what monitor i want. Most friends have said vtech but given different model numbers :/ this would make the decision easy and love the fact i can get an app for my phone!

  6. Avatar of Sarah

    We are in the process of researching for a baby monitor so we can still do normal housework and other things while she sleeps and watch her on the screen without disturbing her also the mony soother looks great as it may help her calm down and go back to sleep

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