Victoria ‘Cookie Killer’ Mum Hailed a Hero for Poisoning Violent Husband

Rebecca Payne has been found guilty of murdering her husband, Noel Payne, with two poisoned cookies. The mum-of-three, dubbed the “Cookie Killer” fed her husband two biscuits laced with Tamazepam in September 2020.

She has now been sentenced to 16 years in prison. She must serve 10 years before she is eligible for parole.The mum has already served two years and seven months of her sentence.

Plea for mercy

However, several members of her tight-knit community are speaking out, hailing Rebecca as a hero for stopping her violent husband from doing harm to others.

Rebecca took the stand at the Mildura Supreme Court to explain why she murdered her husband, painting a very scary picture of emotional and physical abuse.

Rape her ‘whenever he felt like it’

The mum-of-three explained how Noel forced her to move to the small town of Walpeup, in northwestern Victoria in order to isolate her from friends and family. Walpeup has a popular of just 170 people and Rebecca, Noel and their children lived there for a decade and a half.

During that time, Rebecca tried to get a job at a store near Walpeup, but Noel would sit inside and frighten the customers who would speak to her.

Rebecca also shared that Noel forced her to get 18 tattoos of his name all over her body so that no one else could ‘love her’.

Rebecca Payne murder trial - cookie killer murder
Rebecca murdered her husband Noel in 2020. Source: Facebook

Rebecca also explained her Noel would rape her ‘whenever he felt like it’, control her, and beat her.

She said she suffered immense physical and psychological abuse, along with another intellectually disabled woman he brought into the household and began a sexual relationship with.

“You’ve heard evidence of him repeatedly spitting on Rebecca Payne, watching her in the shower, heard the evidence of her being taken to a graveyard near the family home and bashed,” defence barrister, Richard Edney told the jury.

Enough was enough

For 14 years, Rebecca lived with Noel, before she poisoned him with two cookies laced with Temazepam. She baked the cookies, grinding the medication and adding it to the icing. She then served the biscuits with a cup of Milo.

Rebecca told jurors she hadn’t meant to kill him, only put him to sleep. However, the evidence that she had planned it does suggest she is guilty of murder.

Rebecca then wrapped his body in a blanket and stuffed him into an outdoor freezer. He was found by a neighbour days later.

‘Already done her time’

Rebecca has been found guilty of murder and could face a maximum sentence of life in prison. Several members of the community have spoken out, explaining that Rebecca is actually the victim here and that she may have saved her family from any more torture.

A man who lived down the road from Rebecca claimed there was “not a doubt in the world” that Noel was planning to kill Rebecca, their sons and the other woman who lived there.

She saved at least four lives. She didn’t know whether she was going to go to bed and wake up the next morning. Or whether her boys were going to go to bed and wake up the next morning,” the neighbour said.

Her friend who lived nearby, John, agreed, saying ‘It’s not fair’ and that “she is the real victim”.

‘The kids need her. The community needs her. We all need her.”

Rebecca’s sons also want to see their mum free stating that she’s “already done her time” after living with Noel.

“She lived for 14 years in hell with a monster,” her son Jamie, told the Herald Sun.

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