24 of our Favourite Socially Distanced Santa Photos of 2020

If you have kids, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve experienced the joy (or sheer terror if you ask our toddlers) that are Santa photos.

This year most of Australia experienced a different type of Santa visit, one that involved zero lap-sitting or Claus-cuddling. Our toddlers let out a collective sigh of relief – no need to sit on some rando’s lap! Hooray!

And us parents? Well, we made the most of it. We recently asked our Mum Central readers to share their socially distanced Santa photos 2020-edition and boy, did you deliver the goods!

We’ve collected our very favourite ones that get an A for Awesome! So clever, so creative, and such a good reminder of the absolute sh*tstorm that was 2020.

Let the parade of socially distanced Santa photos 2020 commence.

1. Christmas in croc territory 

santa photos 2020
Image: Kristen Butler

2. Cooking with St. Nick

mum central
Image: Belinda Bower

3. When Dad does Santa

And forgets his shoes. Typical dad move!

Santa Photos 2020
Image: Kelly English

4. Picture perfect

mum central
Image: Charlene Edwards Photography

5. Storytime with Santa

mum central
Image: Lauren Schweitzer

6. Ssshhhh

mum central
Image: Kylie Stewart

7. Live from the toy workshop

santa photos 2020
Image: Natalie Henry

8. Jumping into 2021

The dog didn’t get the memo.

santa photos beach 2020
Image: Kazza Staunton

9. Animal affair

Love how Santa is holding a bunny.

santa photos
Image: Deborah Brodie

10.  TV Santa

santa photo
Image: Luis Filipe

11. Glen 20 war! 

santa photos 2020
Image: Briohy Wilson

12. Sisterly love

Sorry Santa, no cuddles for you!

santa photo 2020
Image: Nicole Nicholls

13. It’s mine 

Present war!

mum central
Image: Jessica Pym

14. Everyone smile!

Best thing about this one is the teens are on their phones!!

mum central
Image: Martel N Mick Joy, Credit: Kelly Gould Photography

15. Hold me Closer, Tiny Santa

mum central
Image: Melissa McGill

16. Surfin’ Santa

santa photos 2020
Image: Erin Couper

17. So close, yet socially distant

santa photos 2020
Image: Jess Walsham

18. Bush Christmas done right 

Lovin’ the retro vibe!

socially distant santa photo 2020
Image: Fiona Newton

19. Christmas magic

santa photos
Image: Karen Phillips. Photo Credit: Images by Michelle

20. Peek-a-Boo!

santa photos 2020
Image: Cherie Mitchell

21. Have yourself a sandy little Christmas

mum central
Image: Kristy Mawaring

22. A candy cane away

mum central
Image: Charlotte Corrigan

23. Santa and his reindeer

mum central
Image: Krystal Hoare

24. Sleighing social distancing

mum central
Image: Mandy Stanbridge

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