This Slow Cooker Breakfast will Have You Winning at Mornings

Hands up if you love a big grill breakfast. Or you want to be a little extra on Christmas morning but don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen? Or maybe you just like brinner (that’s breakfast for dinner FYI).

Here’s a hack that will surely change your life because it gives the gift of TIME.

Perhaps not a hack as such, after all the slow cooker is doing what it’s designed to do BUT heck, it blew my mind all the same. And how WONDERFUL not to have to get out of bed to slave over a stove?!

I saw the big breakfast slow cooker action on the internet and decided to try it myself. I steered clear of eggs in favour of hash browns which, to be honest, fell apart. BUT even in their deconstructed state, were still delicious (though I might leave them for the air fryer next time).

A couple of quick extras to serve and we were good to go!

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Get ready for the big breakfast buffet. Slow cooker style!

Perfect for Christmas morning, you too can spend Christmas morning with the kids amidst the chaos of Santa’s visit instead of slaving away in the kitchen. 

Note: Quantities will depend on how many people you’re feeding and your slow cooker capacity. As a safety precaution, use oven-safe ramekins in your slow cooker.

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  • Sausages
  • Bacon
  • Baked beans
  • Mushrooms
  • Hash browns
  • Knob of butter
  • To serve: bread, spinach, salt and pepper


1. Cut the mushrooms into quarters, pop them in a ramekin and top with a knob of butter.

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2. Add the hash browns to a ramekin. (Disclaimer: these will be soft and not crunchy when cooked.)

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3. Pour the baked beans into a ramekin.

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4. In the slow cooker, position ramekins to hold mushrooms, hash browns and baked beans. Position the sausages around one side of the slow cooker.

slow cooker big breakfast

5. Roll the bacon and add that in the space on the other side of the slow cooker.

slow cooker big breakfast

6. Pop the lid on and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours (depending on slow cooker capacity).

slow cooker big breakfast

7. Once cooked, quickly wilt the spinach in a pan and toast your bread.

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All that’s left to do is serve up and eat. Happy breakfast!

slow cooker big breakfast

slow cooker big breakfast

What do you think? Do you think you’ll be trying this slow cooker breakfast for Christmas morning?

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