WATCH: This Video Sums Up Why ‘Kids Playing Quietly’ is Never A Good Thing

This, mums and dads, is why you should NEVER trust two suspiciously quiet children… especially if you have Sharpies in the house. 

Welcome to #sharpiegate. AKA What happens when you discover your children have found the stash of Sharpie Pens.Sharpie sisters

The Sharpie scandal of the century stars two adorable sisters, who clearly have a lot of artistic talent, as horrified mum, Kayla Sperling discovered the hard way.

Kayla shared this hilariously frightening picture of the Sharpie Sisters, both covered head to toe in ink and looking like something out of a Stephen King novel (which is actually quite fitting with the new It movie being released soon).

“Somebody please tell me that I’m not the only mom that can’t seem to grasp that “kids playing quietly” is never a good thing. #sharpiegate ,” Kayla writes on Facebook. 

“We drawed on our baginas”

Kayla also manages to capture video footage of her daughters, explaining what has happened.

“We drawed Sharpies on our face,” one admits.

“And on our bodies and then our baginas,” the other daughter pips up. “Then on our feet and legs. Then on our arms and hands. And also our bellies.”

As any mum who has experienced the joy that comes with Sharpies knows, these permanent pens are not easy to wipe off.

Kayla, who clearly isn’t too impressed with her colourful children, films them both looking rather remorseful as they realise that they probably shouldn’t have messed with the Sharpie stash.

“Is your doctor going to be so mad at us, mum?”

Kids. You gotta love them. Especially when you don’t have to be the one scrubbing Sharpie pen off their baginas. Good luck with that one, mum!

Once you have gotten over #sharpiegate, have a look at this adorable two-year-old explaining the problems with preschool. 

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