What Is a Strip Wash And Why Will It Make You Rethink ‘Clean’ Clothes?

Have you heard all the commotion over the increasingly popular strip wash? And by strip wash I mean the three-ingredient soaking technique, not sexy shower strip or doing the washing naked. Just to clarify.

The cleaning hack taking the internet by storm

Mums can’t get enough of soaking EVERYTHING to discover how dirty they really are. Even clothes straight from the ‘clean’ washing pile seem to be releasing some kind of hidden filth, resulting in murky waters. And we can’t tear our eyes away.

So… what exactly is a strip wash?

A strip wash is what I’d call an intensive soaking method. I’m talking a hold-no-prisoners approach to getting stuff CLEAN AS A WHISTLE. Furthermore, it’s not just clothing or curtains I’ve seen succumbing to a strip wash. I’ve seen school bags, air conditioning vents and sneakers put to the test too, with striking results in the Facebook group, Mums Who Clean.

strip wash
Screenshot this to keep handy!

Strip wash takes just three ingredients

It’s true, to strip wash you need just three ingredients (or products as they are) – washing powder or detergent, borax and washing soda. And the icing on this ever-so-clean cake is that you can easily get all of these at Woolworths or your local supermarket.

SAFETY FIRST: Always, always read the directions and safety warnings on your laundry products and exercise due care to protect yourself.

Disclaimer: Fabric dyes can and DO run on occasion. So don’t be throwing a navy blue tea towel in with your white wedding dress, just in case disaster strikes. Whites with whites, darks with darks, you get my drift.

Let’s air ALL the dirty (and clean) laundry!

So with that, join me as I prepare to air my dirty laundry to the world, fill my bathtub and get my strip wash on. Still not naked, just to clarify.

For the sake of science, I take my mattress protector which is washed *cough* on a monthly rotation because I’m a monster and I don’t have time to do it often than that. Judge me at your will, I can take it. I also throw in white pillowcases which you’ll be relieved to hear, are washed on a weekly basis. Strip wash awaits!

strip wash linen
Note to bedding: you had better be scared.

For good measure, I fill a bucket, adding the soak ingredients along with a fistful of CLEAN bras. This should be interesting. How much dirt can be nestled next to my bosom every week?

strip wash

The strip wash reveals all

Um. Ewwww.

strip wash
The before and after of strip wash water. So gross yet satisfying.
strip wash
Even the ‘clean’ bras gave up some dirt!

This soak-fest is gross and I think perhaps I should burn my mattress and my bras. Alas, I go on. So what does this mean – are our freshly laundered items not actually clean at all? Are they only surface cleaned? Whatever the answer is, I’m introducing the hack to the cleaning schedule on a seasonal basis because I can’t help myself. I live for the muddled bath waters and new-found level of cleanliness. #LEVELUP

Have you joined the strip wash fan club? We’d love to hear what things shocked you in your soaking game!

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