This Sweary Christmas Wrapping Paper Is the Greatest Gift of All



Sometimes there are no words to express how you feel about the festive season. The love, the joy, the happiness, the stress of having to be responsible for EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS-RELATED THING ALL THE WHILE THE REST OF YOUR FAMILY EAT, DRINK AND BE F*CKING MERRY.

But now there is wrapping paper that says what we all are thinking. And so eloquently too.

Merry F*cking Christmas everyone.

Christmas swearing wrap

That’s right – sweary Christmas wrapping paper is now a thing. And it’s pretty much the best way to spread Christmas cheer to your loved ones.

Say it with a swear word

It’s no secret that Christmas often hits slightly on the stressful side for us mums. There’s the decorating, the Christmas shopping, the meal planning, the present wrapping, the counting of the presents to make sure both kids have the EXACT same amount. And that’s all in the lead-up to the big event.

Well now there’s a new way to release this Christmas stress in a healthy and harmonious way – with Merry F*cking Christmas Wrapping Paper ($12). The glossy red wrapping paper includes the words Merry Fucking Christmas in gold foil, in an “inspired festive mashup of style and sweariness”.

Abusive christmas wrap

The paper comes to us courtesy of Firebox, which explains that it’s totally crass and abusive while still being festive and cheerful. Perfect!

“It’s going to be torn to shreds and shoved in a bin bag before lunch time so who even gives a shit?” Firebox says.

Wrapped with love (and f bombs)

Sure, you probably won’t be using it to wrap the kids’ gifts, but I’m sure there’s a few people on your gift list that will appreciate the gesture. You can also pick up these party balloons, which complement the wrapping paper beautifully.

Abusive party balloons

After you’ve finished shopping for your abusive Christmas wrap, be sure to check out this wine advent calendar, another festive way to make the countdown to Christmas more jolly. Bottoms up.

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