7 Clever Ways to Teach Your Child Your Phone Number

A 10 digit number isn’t the easiest thing to remember, especially for a young child. But your mobile number is something your child should know, just in case. 

So how can you help your child memorise it? We’ve uncovered seven super easy ways to teach your child your phone number, all of which will work for kids of all ages (even toddlers)!

Sometimes, children get lost. Sometimes they wander away from you in the shops, at the zoo, in a waterpark. And sometimes they are found by a stranger.

The easiest way to reconnect with your lost little one is to ensure they know your phone number. That way the stranger can get a hold of you and ensure your child returns to your side ASAP. So how do you teach your child to learn a 10 digit number?

1. Put it in a song

It’s how kids learn their ABCs (and that’s 26 letters!). You can make up your own catchy song or choose an already familiar tune or song. Simply weave the numbers in.

Need proof this works? Think about that 80s hit, Jenny, by Tommy Tutone. And tell me the number “867-5309” doesn’t immediately pop into your head.


2. Place it on the wall

Preferably somewhere they stare at often. Like on the back of the door in the toilet. Or on the wall beside their beds. They may not even realise they are learning the number every time they look at it.

3. Weave it into your routine

For example, every time your child brushes his teeth or washes his hands, ask him to recite the number. Or recite the number together before you eat dinner or as part of your bedtime routine.

4. Make a bracelet

You can add a little sparkle to their wrist and teach your child your phone number by designing a phone number bracelet. All you need are some beads and string and you can easily personalise a bracelet to keep them safe. Although your child may not be able to memorise the numbers, they can easily point to their wrist if in trouble.

how to teach your child your phone number
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5. Incorporate it into pretend play

Let your little one practice dialling the numbers on a pretend phone or a real phone.

6. Use different mediums

Write the number in play doh, chalk or in sand. Buy some number stickers and have your little one practice sticking the phone numbers into the right order. You can even sneak the number into word games like BINGO or a word search.

7. Set it as a password to your iPhone or iPad

Child wants to watch Peppa Pig on YouTube? She needs to memorise the passcode first. You may be surprised how quickly a child, even a toddler, can memorise a large number when YouTube is on the table. I did this with my daughter and she had it figured out by the end of the day.

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