DO NOT Copy this Hilarious TikTok Beauty Hack- Sex Lube as Primer?!

This TikTok beauty hack should just stay on the internet, inside your bedside table drawer and absolutely not on your face. And yet here some of us are, using sex lubricant as a makeup primer. Just remember folks, what is great for your genitals, is not always great for your face. #awks

I like to think I’m “down with the kids” on what the latest trends are and no 20-something year old can teach this old dog new tricks. But guys, I’ll give you this one. I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING. *cough* so to speak.

The TikTok beauty hack that’s most definitely slippery when wet

The slickest beauty hack of them all, #lubeprimer has TikTok ablaze with 10.1 MILLION views. Like, what?

I’m not averse to trying unconventional things. Once I reached for the haemorrhoid cream to apply to my under eyes to banish puffiness and wrinkles. But this… well, this is something new. It’s a slippery slope into being a little too much. Literally. Very slippery.

TikTok goes mad for lube

Along with countless others, TikTok user Sean Anthony put the trend to the test, with (not surprisingly) GLOWY results. He says in his #lubeprimer TikTok video…

That feels so glidey and smooth… What the Hell?… Look at the glow it’s giving me though!.

And though I can’t help myself but continue to watch old mate rub lube all over his face, with my jaw on the floor, wondering WTF  to myself. I stop short from commenting on how he could likely get the same look from a WD40 can (and that even comes with a handy spray nozzle). Alas, I don’t want to be the one responsible for instigating the NEXT TIKTOK BEAUTY HACK TREND.

@seananthonyv LUBE AS PRIMER?! #seananthony #makeupfyp #beautytips #makeup #viralmakeup #makeuphacks #beauty #mua #lifehack #lubeprimer ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Folks, listen to me, this TikTok beauty hack is up the wazoo. What is made for your genitals should STAY on your genitals, FFS. That’s for face’s sake, by the way.

Don’t try this at home kids

So before you go reaching for the lube to brush in upwards strokes over your… (pause for dramatic effect) cheekbones, it’s suggested by actual professionals that you think twice. It’s been reported that cosmetic dermatologist Dr Robert Finney said of the most popular choice of TikTokers wanting an ultra-smooth face, Durex Play 2-in-1.

“There are plenty of good primer options designed specifically with your face in mind, Durex Play 2-in-1 has castor oil in it. Castor oil can clog pores and lead to breakouts.”

And of course, one source said the fragrance could lead to all sorts of irritation or allergic reactions and sweet mother of mercy, who wants to explain to their doctor that their nasty face rash is from excessive lube?

I thought so.

That’s not to say that if you DO get a little lube on your face during … other activities, you should run screaming to the bathroom. It’s not a big deal for lube to be temporarily on your skin. Just don’t go rubbing it in and applying your foundation afterwards … if you get my drift.

TikTok beauty hack
Hundreds of TikTok users are jumping on the lube bandwagon. STOP IT. Source: TikTok

Get more bang for your buck elsewhere

So next time you’re at the supermarket looking for a bargain, don’t think your luck has run dry. Instead of stocking up on lube from this so-called TikTok beauty hack, stop by the cosmetics aisle. Woolworths has some fantastic makeup primer options FOR YOUR FACE ONLY that won’t lead to disaster. I highly recommend the MCo Beauty range or you can even go old school Revlon, Maybelline or Rimmel.

Whatever tickles your fancy. Your face’s fancy. Just to clarify. Just leave the lube alone to do lube things downstairs, not above the collar, ok? Ok, I’m glad we had this chat. #STOPIT

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