Plum Play® Is Giving Away Kids’ Playsets for Xmas – 1 for You, 1 for Your Friend!

What’s on your child’s Christmas wish list this year? A trampoline? Swing set? Cubby house?

Plum Play®, the active play specialists, have you sorted with their new collection of kids’ playsets. They have six amazing new items to add to their already incredible range, and we’re pretty sure the kids are going to love them all!

Best of all, they’re offering special introductory prices too (with savings of over $200 on certain items!)

We’re talking swing sets, cubby houses, trampolines – so much backyard fun to be had!

mum central

mum central

This year has been another rough one for many Aussie families which is why Plum Play® wanted to give back and give our mums a chance to gift something super special to a friend who deserves it. We love this idea and are totally on board!

Plum Play® is gifting TWO of these products away to TWO lucky families. How good is that!?

All you have to do to be in the running to win is:

  1. CHOOSE the outdoor playset you’d love the most
  2. FILL in the form below (keep scrolling and you’ll see it)
  3. NOMINATE a mate who you’d like to win one too

If you are our lucky winner, both you and your nominated friend will take home the prize of your choice. Not even joking!!

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One cubby for you, one for your best friend. Merry Christmas indeed! Source: Supplied

All you have to do now is…

Decide which Plum Play® outdoor play equipment you’d most love to have in your backyard this Christmas. Plum Play® has swing sets, trampolines, and cubby houses all ready to be delivered to your door for Christmas.

It’s going to be a tough decision, we know, but you can do it! So let the Plum Play® parade begin!

Plum Play® outdoor play equipment
Weee! Source: Supplied

Australian kids’ outdoor playsets at its finest

If you haven’t discovered Plum Play® yet, this Christmas is the perfect time to do it. They are Australia’s active play specialists and with good reason too.

Their products are absolutely divine, the quality, durability and safety unmatched, and all wooden products are made from sustainably sourced timber.

Plum Play® cubby houses
You could WIN this adorable Garden Hut. Source: Supplied

Their new Plum Play® collection for babies and kids is the perfect gift for your little ones this Christmas.

Plum Play® swing sets for kids
Swing into summer with Plum Play®. Source: Supplied

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2-in-1 Baby Swing Set

For the younger tots, you can’t go past the 2-in-1 Baby Swing Set, ideal for babies and little kids – and especially perfect if you happen to have both a toddler and an older child as they can BOTH enjoy it.

Plum Play® swing sets - outdoor play equipment
Source: Supplied

Priced at $199.95, it comes at the special intro discount of $40 and offers a stunning pop of colour for your backyard. Love the teal and purple combo!

The swing has an adjustable metal frame and two types of swing seats that can be interchanged as your child grows. And don’t worry about it being a pain to swap – it’s easy as pie with the extendable steel frame that easily goes from baby seat with back support to full height and back again.

Plum Play® swing set
Source: Supplied

The swing frame is made of powder-coated steel to ensure longevity, whilst the swings have soft feel ropes for comfort and heavy-duty injected moulded seats for extra durability.

If your little one loves to swing, then this is a gift that keeps on giving!

Jupiter Double Swing Set with Glider

Another option for your swinging sweethearts is the Jupiter Double Swing Set plus Glider. Check out the intro price of $279.95 and save at least $60!

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The Jupiter swingset will lead to many days spent outdoors having fun! Source: Supplied

This gem of an outdoor set is designed for two active kiddies with two single swing sets and a two-seat glider. The swing height is adjustable with a soft-feel rope and the structure is durable, strong and powder-coated for long-lasting protection against rust.

Like the 2-in-1 Baby Swing, it also features a bold teal and purple finishing and is designed for year-round outdoor play.

This is an ideal Christmas present for siblings too – two swings, no fighting and endless hours of backyard fun. Of course, you’ll have to master the fine art of pushing two kids at once without dropping your wine… #MumSkills

Plum Play outdoor play equipment
Source: Supplied

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Garden Hut Wooden Cubby House

Moving away from swings, we’re into the wonderful world of cubby houses and Plum Play® makes some of the best cubby houses on the planet!

Plum Play cubby houses
Source: Supplied

Take the adorable Garden Hut Wooden Cubby House, which is priced at $599.95 with an intro discount of at least $100! It also features pre-painted teal wood with a white trim finish. That’s right mums – no need to get out the paintbrush. This cubby is done and ready for play!

Australia best cubby houses - Plum Play
Now there’s a cubby to be proud of! Source: Supplied

There’s a lot to love about the Garden Hut – a shower-proof apex style roof with air holes for ventilation (such a plus especially in the summer heat) and plenty of space inside for all their imaginative adventures.

Spacious, airy and perfect for picnics, parties, potting and planting, the Garden Hut is sure to inspire your little green thumb for hours and hours.

Teepee Hideaway Cubby House

For something truly unique and special for your kids, check out the new Teepee Hideaway Cubby House. Imagine the adventures your children will have in this! An ideal place for reading and quiet play as well as pretend play, the world is theirs to explore in this adorable haven.

Plum Play outdoor play equipment - cubby house
Source: Supplied

The Teepee Hideaway is the smallest size in Plum Play®’s Teepee Hideaway collection and is priced at $649.95 but with an intro discount of at least $150! We reckon stock won’t last long though – who wouldn’t LOVE this for Christmas??

It can be used indoors and outdoors and features unstained wood ideal for customising and painting (if you want to). We also love the decorative wooden posts and the spacious undercover area. Add a mound of cushions and they are ready to camp out in the backyard.

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4.5ft Junior Trampoline (reversible blue/green and pink/purple)

But what if your toddler is jumping for joy over the idea of a trampoline? Another popular Christmas present for toddlers, you’ll love the 4.5ft Junior Trampoline priced at $230 but with an introductory discount of $50.

It comes with reversible safety pads so they can swap the colours as their favourite colour changes. Go from green and blue to pink and purple and back again.

Plum Play trampoline
Source: Supplied

The safety and innovative design makes this the ideal first tramp for your toddler and helps them bounce out all that extra energy AND improve their physical development. It comes with everything you need – a zippered net enclosure, colourful safety pads and shorter springs that ensure a safe, more predictable bounce for little ones. 

Plus it’s made from galvanised steel for weather protection and durability, both very important when faced with heavy rain, hot sun, cyclones, and anything else mother nature throws our way.

Wave 10ft Trampoline

Plum Play® also has the perfect trampoline for older kiddies too – their popular Wave Trampoline, coming in at $549.95 but with an intro discount of up to $100.  This is the ultimate in bouncing fun and safety with a Springsafe® 2G enclosure which separates the jumper from the springs.

Plum Play trampoline
Source: Supplied

Kids can safely bounce the afternoon away without the fear they may bounce onto the spring – it’s not possible with the Wave! This is a massive plus for parents too as it means less worry and more trampoline time!

The 10ft Wave is great for kids aged 6yrs+ and can hold up to 75kg. It’s also made from galvanised steel with additional rust protection for a longer lifespan. Compared to many of the trampolines on the market, this one is built to last and withstand ALL the crazy weather.

Plum Play trampoline
Source: Supplied

SHOP NOW and SAVE a small fortune

All of the featured products above are available NOW through Plum Play® but be quick because these special intro prices won’t last long. Plum Play® also offers Afterpay and ZIP so you can buy now and pay in instalments.

We think ANY of the above outdoor play equipment would make excellent Christmas presents for your little ones this year, whether they want to swing, bounce or play the day away.

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Be sure to also enter our competition below to WIN ONE, GIFT ONE and take home TWO prizes – one for you and one for a very deserving friend.


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