VIDEO: Toddler Lands Head First After Jumping From Top Bunk


In a very scary case of Monkey See Monkey Do, a little boy tried to mimic his mum’s actions of jumping into her partner’s arm by jumping off the top bunk of his bed. 

However, unlike his mum, there was no one ready to catch him.

Russian social media star, Sveta and her partner, Andrei shared the moment on Sveta’s Instagram page, showcasing the exact moment their son, Gabriel Bonor, jumps and lands on his neck.

Now commenters are criticising the parents for not only posting the video to their social media page, but also for neglecting the safety of their three-year-old son in the first place.

What exactly happened? 

It is thought the child was attempting to copy the couple as they filmed themselves in a slow-motion video for TikTok. In the video, Sveta leaps into her partner’s arms. Only moments after their son does the same move as his mum, jumping from his top bunk and into the air.

The little boy tumbles onto the mattress on the floor. His body topples over and he lands directly on his head.

Have a watch of the video below:

Incredibly enough, Gabriel rolls over and continues to move as normal at the end of the clip. But, wowee, what a fall, especially when watching it in slow motion! #Safteythird 

Toddler Bunk Bed Fall Fail

Since posting the video (complete with background music, might I add), the Russian social media star has faced plenty of backlash from commenters wondering what in the heck she was thinking.

One TikTok user said:

Wow! That poor kid. Parents are too self-absorbed that they neglect their child.”

Another wrote, “The child may have had a smile on his face but this doesn’t excuse the parents being neglectful. What if your son really injured himself? Shame on both of you.”

Sveta is quick to point out to her 50,000 followers, “Our parents didn’t have smartphones, I remember very well how I flew from closets onto the bed.”

And didn’t she turned out just fine.

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