Tommee Tippee All Stars Bundle: 4 Baby Essentials for New Parents

The perfect bundle of baby products for your new bundle of joy, it’s the All Stars Bundle, from Tommee Tippee, and boy oh boy, what a stellar combo it is!

Packed with newborn essentials, the Tommee Tippee All Stars Bundle will get your feeding and changing duties sorted and features four of Tommee Tippee’s most-loved products: a nappy bin, a UV steriliser, a bottle warmer and pouch and bottles. Best of all, you can grab it all for under $300!

Tommee Tippee's All Stars Bundle - baby essentials
Bottles, steriliser, bottle warmer and nappy bin in one awesome bundle. Source: Tommee Tippee


The Tommee Tippee All Stars Bundle makes a great gift for any new parent. Source: Supplied

3 new mum staples in one all-star bundle 

The three big-ticket items in Tommee Tippee’s All Stars Bundle include:

  • 1 x Ultra UV Sterliser, Dryer and Storage Unit
  • 1 x Twist and Click Nappy Disposal Bin
  • 1 x Multiwarm™ Bottle and Pouch Warmer
  • Plus 5 x 260ml bottles (yes five!)

What we love about these items is that not only do they make new parenthood SO much easier (and less stinky), but they are also designed to last year after year. You will only need to purchase these items once, and, if you do decide to have more babies in the future, you’ve already got these must-have items ready and waiting to be used again.

All Stars Bundle by Tommee Tippee
Go from newborn to toddler, and then again! Source: Supplied

These items aren’t just for newbornhood either. They are great for infants, toddlers and beyond. After all, toddler nappies can be just as lethal as newborn nappies, right?! They also come with the Tommee Tippee promise of excellent quality, durability and safety.

Before you enter to win one of these amazing bundles, let’s take a closer look at each product in the essential baby items bundle.

Sterilisation, sorted

The Tommee Tippee Ultra UV Steriliser is a game-changer for every new parent, whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It’s designed to sterilise all your baby items – bottles, dummies and breast pump parts, but also offers a sanitary and organised way to store these baby essentials too.

Tommee Tippee steriliser in the All Stars Bundle
The Ultra UV Steriliser is a real gamechanger for newborn parents! Source: Supplied

The Ultra UV has three main functions:

  1. STERILISE: Pop in your baby bottles, teats, soothers or breast pump accessories into the unit and set the timer to either 35 or 45 minutes.
  2. DRY:  Choose from 30, 40 or 50-minute drying cycles, depending on how many items you want to dry.
  3. STORE: The steriliser looks just like an itty bitty fridge but for bottles. It can hold six bottles.

There are four main modes to choose from too: STERILISE | DRY | AUTO (which does both) and STORE (which emits 5 minutes of UV light and 5 minutes of drying power every 2 hours to keep the unit contents perfectly sterile and clutter-free.

Tommee Tippee Ultra UV Steriliser in the All Stars Bundle
4 functions, 1 easy machine. Winning! Source: Supplied

The peace of mind a steriliser can provide is probably the best thing about this product. Knowing that your feeding equipment is clean and free from viruses and bacteria is priceless. The Ultra UV Steriliser effectively removes the fear of harmful bacteria too. In fact, it kills 99.9% of harmful germs without using heat, steam, or harsh chemicals.

With no steam and no chemicals required, it’s a safe, quiet and easy way to sterilise, dry and store your baby’s bottles and accessories.

Tommee Tippee Steriliser and Storage
Not just a steriliser but a cute storage unit too. Source: Supplied

Perfect bottles, every time

Next in the All Stars Bundle is the legendary Multiwarm™ Bottle and Pouch Warmer. It’s designed to make perfect bottles every time, eliminating the concern that Bub’s milk is too hot or too cold.

Not only that, but the Multiwarm gently heats either breastmilk or formula to body temperature, preserving the nutrients in every feed. It can even warm up frozen milk!

Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer from the All Stars Bundle
Perfect bottles every time. Source: Supplied

With Multiwarm™, you don’t have to worry about boiling the kettle or using the microwave to warm up a bottle. Heck, you don’t even have to leave the bed. Just pop the warmer next to you and be ready for their next feed.

Babies love this product too as they get perfect-tasting milk, not too hot, not too cold, every feed. It takes as little as four minutes to prep a bottle and the Multiwarm™ comes equipped with multiple settings, so you can warm various feeds based on the type of container, starting temperature and volume.

Not only great for bottles, you can also warm food jars and pouches too – great for weaning!

Baby bottles babies will love

We’ve sung the praises of the Closer to Nature baby bottle range in the past but it’s not just us who love this range. Babies love them and so do mums, especially as they are rated the #1 for easily switching between bottle and breast*.

The Closer to Nature® bottles could actually be the best thing for a baby, since you. Inspired by Mum and designed by experts, these bottles have a special breast-like shaped teat that encourages a natural latch and prevents nipple confusion when switching between bottle and breast.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature baby bottles part of the All Stars Bundle
These bottles are rated #1 for easily switching between bottle and breast. Source: Supplied

They also feature an anti-colic valve to prevent the symptoms of colic by ensuring your little one ingests more milk and less air.

For added peace of mind, the Closer to Nature baby bottle is completely mess-free and leakproof when the screw ring, teat and cap are all secured (even if it’s turned upside down or shaken). It’s also 100% BPA-free so it’s even safer for your baby.

And finally, put a lid on smells with a nappy bin 

Moving away from feeding and over to the other end, you’ll be overly grateful to have a nappy bin in your nursery corner! The Twist & Click Nappy Bin is the only nappy bin to twist and individually wrap each nappy, safely sealing away odours and germs, and keeping your home tidy and odour-free.

Many parents don’t realise how useful and convenient a nappy bin can be. Why can’t you just chuck the stinky nappies into the regular bin? You can, but you will smell it! And going outside 8-10 times a day to put the soiled nappy in the outside bin can get old real quick.

Twist & Click nappy bin from the All Stars Bundle
The Twist & Click nappy bin makes a welcoming addition to any nursery. Source: Supplied

Nappy changing can be quite tedious and time-consuming, especially through the newborn phase, which is why so many new parents swear by a nappy bin. The Twist & Click nappy bin also features an anti-bacterial GREENFILM™ smart sealing lid, and inbuilt plunger that pushes nappies deep into the bin, keeping your hands clean.

To reduce the impact on the environment, the Twist & Click nappy bin and refill cassettes are made from 98% recycled and fully recyclable plastic.

The perfect gift for any new parent, under $300

All four of these items – the nappy bin, the bottles, the steriliser and the bottle warmer – are essential baby items. You’re looking at spending around $350 separately for each one … however, we recommend you BUNDLE and SAVE!

The All Stars Bundle combines these best baby products into one easy package, delivered to your door (or the new parents’ door), with FREE delivery and for under $300.

All Stars Bundle Tommee Tippee
Source: Supplied

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or shopping for a gift for someone, this amazing bundle is a beacon of baby helpfulness, providing peace of mind, convenience and odour control.  Get yours direct with Tommee Tippee and save $53! 

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Be sure to enter below to WIN 1 of 2 Tommee Tippee All Stars Bundles below.

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Win 1 of 2 Tommee Tippee All Stars Bundle, valued at $299 each. 

All Stars Bundle competition
Win a Tommee Tippee All Stars Bundle and set yourself up with the best. Source: Supplied

We have two of these amazing bundles to give way, each including:

  • 1 x Ultra UV Sterliser, Dryer and Storage
  • 1 x Twist and Click Nappy Disposal Bin
  • 1 x Multiwarm™ Bottle and Pouch Warmer
  • 5 x Closer to Nature Bottles, 260ml

To enter, simply complete the entry form below in full and we could be calling your name! GOOD LUCK!

This is a sponsored post for Tommee Tippee

* Based on an independent survey of 1,006 UK mums of 0-12m who have used bottles, Feb 2023

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