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Meet the NEW Tommee Tippee PPSU Bottles

PPSU bottles. Something you may or may not have heard about. But something that is about to change the way we feed our babies.

PPSU stands for polyphenylsulfone and is what Tommee Tippee’s latest baby bottles are made of. What makes it so special, we hear you ask?

For starters, they’re made from a medical-grade plastic that won’t retain odours or stains left by breast milk or formula. It also comes with a whole slew of amazing features too. Durable and heat resistant? Check. Breast-like teat? Check. Anti-colic flow? Check. And so much more!

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The new PPSU Bottles from Tommee Tippee are a breath of fresh air! Source: Supplied

If you’ve never tried Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature products before, you’re in luck! We’re giving you the full rundown on these brilliant bottles!

Check out the new Closer to Nature PPSU Bottles below as well as the other bottles in the range to find out which one is right for your bub.

Meet the new PPSU Bottles 

Tommee Tippee features a number of different bottles in their range, which now features their new PPSU bottles. All bottles are suitable for newborns+ and they are all BPA-free and come with the Closer to Nature Anti-Colic teat (we’ll get to this a bit later).

The difference with the Tommee Tippee bottles lies in what they are made of and what they are best suited for.

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BPA Free and odour and stain-free, PPSU bottles are a winner! Source: Supplied

PPSU bottles, for example, are designed to withstand high temperatures and frequent uses. This makes them one of the most durable bottles on the market. They are made out of a medical-grade material (known as PPSU) that won’t stain or leave odours, which is especially ideal if you are bottle feeding often.

Breast-like teat

Like all Tommee Tippee bottles, the PPSU range also comes with a super soft silicone teat that is as close to the real thing as you can get. In fact, it’s been designed with breastfeeding experts and the patented ripple design mimics the natural flex, stretch and movement of our breasts. Pretty crazy, right?!

And babies take to it easily too, which is a massive win. Often we’ll find one of the hardest things about bottle-feeding is convincing your booby-loving monster that it’s okay to take something other than your breast.

The new PPSU bottles even feature a matt texture that feels closer to the skin for complete comfort during feeding time.

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Anti-colic and easy-clean

Another great feature of the PPSU bottles is their anti-colic valve which essentially works to reduce excessive air flow when sucking. Less air = less wind and prevents the symptoms of colic.

Finally, we love the wide bottleneck. Not only does it make them easy to clean but the compact bottle shape allows bub to be closer to you with every feed.

The right bottle for your bub

What about if you’re not bottle feeding often? PPSU bottles will still do the trick but you may also like to try the Closer to Nature  PP (the first bottle in the chart below).

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For babies with colic, the Advanced Anti-Colic bottle is a good choice. One of our Mum Central mums shared her thoughts on this bottle and how much it helped her son. 

We’ve also done a review of the Closer to Nature glass bottles which is an ideal eco-conscious choice and scored a 9.4/10 from our mums. Most of the babies easily latched to the teat and most mums loved the eco-friendly glass bottle option. It’s definitely easier to clean and ideal for parents looking for a bottle made of recyclable and sustainable material.

Why your bottle choice matters

It’s simple, really. Because this is a product you’re giving to your baby. Most likely every day. You want it to be of the highest quality but also know that it’s something your baby will take.

Making the move from breast to bottle can be challenging and stressful for both mum and bub. Thankfully the Closer to Nature range is designed to make this transition as stress-free as possible.

Countless mums recommend and rely on Tommee Tippee products for their breast and bottle feeding needs. We know their newest PPSU bottles are going to be a huge hit with parents and babies alike.

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Tommee Tippee bottles, buy them now!

Head on over to Tommee Tippee’s website to check out their Bottle range!

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