CHECKLIST: Travelling with Baby – Our Top Picks of What to Pack Before You Go!

Holidays are here again folks and the fun family times are beckoning, right? RIGHT.  That said, there’s no sugar-coating the fact that travelling with baby can be tricky. Investing in the right baby travel gear will make that time away as a family, so much easier. 

Here are the top baby travel essentials to pack that’ll ensure being away from home is so much easier than it should be. From sturdy portable bassinets to magical one-touch sterilising wands, and all the clever essentials in between – we have it ALL.

Whether you’re heading off around our Australia on a caravan for adventure, flying off to visit friends or family or just escaping the city for an extended weekend away, here are some baby travel essentials that will make all the difference (and many with exclusive reader discounts!) #bonvoyage

Travelling with Baby: What to Pack

One of the most important things you can do when travelling with a baby is being prepared. And that doesn’t need to be a struggle, it just takes some thought and planning. Wondering how exactly it’s best to pack for your smallest family member? HERE’S A HOT TIP: TWO bags is best.

Pack a suitcase with the bulk of their gear but also pack a large carry-on for bub too – that way you’ll be prepared and if the unthinkable happens (the suitcase gets delayed) you’ll be able to go on for a bit without much bother. Or if you’re travelling by car, you don’t have to unpack the boot in the event of a nappy blowout.

Here’s what you should pack in your baby’s bag:

Baby travel gear for the car or carry-on luggage:

  • Nappies. Two days and two nights worth if you can, just in case. It’s better to have too many than not enough!
  • Disposable nappy bags. There will be times when you won’t be able to dispose of a nappy right away. It could be HOURS and no one, NO ONE, wants to smell those wafts through the air. They’re also handy for soiled clothes.
  • A changing pad. You may find yourself changing bub on a floor or a backseat!
  • Two bibs. There will be food eaten and drooling, save on clothing changes with bibs.
  • Food. Pack snacks and food that won’t perish. Baby jars or pouches for your little one and something for yourself too!
  • Two bottles and formula for formula-fed babies.
  • Dummies. Pack more dummies than you think you will need. TRUST ME.
  • Baby pain relief and any medicines they need. Because you just never know and the moment you might need it, it could be 2am and no chemist within coo-ee will be open. Always bring the prescription with you if travelling overseas as some medicines are banned in certain countries.
  • Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser. Germs, they’re everywhere and babies touch all of the things!
  • Two or three muslin wraps. These can act as cover-ups for an easily distracted feeding baby or added warmth in a plane cabin.
  • Change of clothes. Pack a couple of changes of outfit for your baby (just easy onesies are fine) just in case of vomit or nappy explosion. Also, pack a change of t-shirt for yourself, projectile body fluids know no limits.
  • Phone charger. Goes without saying really but keep it handy! Keep a phone charger in this bag too!

Baby travel gear to pack in a suitcase:

  • Clothes. Pack clothes you can layer up to keep your baby comfortable when in a new climate.
  • Nappies and wipes. Plenty of nappies!
  • Bedding. Even if you’re planning on hiring a portable cot, it’s nice for bub to have some familiar sheets that smell of home.
  • Toiletries. While accommodation will often supply towels, they won’t likely accommodate your bub’s bathing needs. Make sure you pack baby bath and shampoo!
  • A carrier and stroller. Even if you think they’ll walk a lot, they likely won’t. Be prepared and take both options!
  • Extra formula and sterilising gear for bottles. Don’t rely on tap water to get your bottles squeaky clean.
  • Portable high chair seat. If you have a compact, portable high chair seat, definitely take it. It will be a lifesaver at meal times!
  • Extra baby food or pouches. Do take with meals that your bub is familiar with eating (if they’re not perishable). It’ll save a lot of dinnertime angst trying to find something suitable.

We know, it’s a lot. But HOW GOOD ARE HOLIDAYS?

Best baby travel essentials for 2021

Redsbaby CONNECT Plus Carrier

PRICE: From $209
WHERE TO BUY: Redsbaby

Redsbaby Connect PLUS carrier
Source: Supplied

Get out and about anywhere you please with baby in tow using the Redsbaby CONNECT Plus Carrier! Approved by Healthy Hips Australia, the Redsbaby CONNECT Plus provides four comfortable, flexible and adjustable positions to carry newborn babies right through to 20kg tots. It’s a giant tick for easy to wear, ergonomic comfort for both you and bub, wherever your journey takes you!

Cool in summer, warm in winter and offering protection from windy days, the three-layer design transitions between breathable mesh, thermal layer and windbreaker layers in just moments. This makes the Redsbaby CONNECT Plus Carrier perfect for your pint-sized passenger, all year round, no matter where you’re headed. The carrier comes kitted out with over $70 of included accessories such as Removable Shoulder Padding, Thermal Layer and Carry Bag. There are also optional accessories available including a Rain Cover and a super handy UPF50+ Sunshade to customise your CONNECT Plus Carrier. Amazing!

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Cherub Baby Anywhere Portable Bottle Warmer

PRICE: $89.99
WHERE TO BUY: Cherub Baby

Cherub Baby Bottle Warmer
Source: Supplied

One portable bottle warmer that covers ALL of your bottle warming needs, plus easily fits in your nappy bag? YOU BET! The light and compact Cherub Baby Anywhere Portable Bottle Warmer heats up your baby’s bottles to 39°C, 42°C or 45°C, and up to 75% faster than other portable warmers.

Simple to use, just screw in your bottle (fits all major brands) and the rechargeable warmer will quickly and safely heat the bottle evenly and fast. The Cherub Baby Anywhere Portable Bottle Warmer also plugs into mains power to use as a home bottle warmer!

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DockATot Deluxe Baby Nest

PRICE: From $299

YouTube video

Exactly as its name suggests, the DockATot is the perfect spot to dock your baby anywhere you go! Especially so, when you’re staying in accommodation that isn’t your own and you want somewhere to put your bub down in a familiar, clean and comfy spot.

Dock-A-Tot Deluxe is suitable for newborns to babies aged 8 months+ and is perfect for lounging, playing, travelling and tummy time. The ultimate portable solution to help soothe and settle your baby, the cosy womb-like design is like a gentle, reassuring snuggle for your bub, allowing you to enjoy being hands-free for a bit. You can even kit your DockATot Deluxe out with cool optional accessories – a Base Protector, Travel Bag, Cabana Kit Sunshade and more!

SAVE $25 OFF DockATot Deluxe
EXPIRES: 31/12/21
NOTE: Offer excludes new collections.

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RochiLou 59S X5 Sterilising Wand
Source: Supplied

PRICE: $199.95


It’s the secret weapon against germs you’re ALL going to want when travelling. Meet the 59S Sterilising Wand here to make your life easier with a simple press and scan to give you added peace of mind from hidden germs.

Many of us hire baby gear (prams, high chairs, portable cots etc) when we get to our holiday destination to avoid the hassle of taking our own. But do we really know how clean it is? The 59S Sterilising Wand has made sterilising ITEMS LARGE AND SMALL so. much easier. Lightweight and portable with an inbuilt battery and child-lock, this practically magical wand fits easily in your handbag, enabling you to disinfect and eliminate up to 99.9% of germs (without water or chemicals) while on the go using hospital-grade UV light technology. AMAZING!

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ergoPouch Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet

PRICE: $159.95
WHERE TO BUY: ergoPouch

YouTube video

Suitable for newborns to 9kg babies who aren’t yet rolling, the Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet is the perfect lightweight, safe sleeping travel companion designed for families on the go and a must-have for travel, especially during the warmer months!

Perfect for travelling with baby, it features a sturdy lock-in-place steel frame and a mesh body for breathability, the ergoPouch Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet also has high sides for safe sleeping (and your peace of mind!). The perfectly fitted, thin, firm and breathable mattress is cotton covered, removable for washing and cushioned just right for lightweight babies. The Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet even comes complete with a handy detachable structured mosquito net and carry bag backpack for easy transportation and storage included.

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OiOi Nappy Backpack

PRICE: $189.95

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Source: Supplied

So cool in its unisex design, even Dad won’t mind carrying this uber-stylish Nappy Backpack! Available in several colours, the original OiOi Nappy Backpack ticks all the boxes of comfort with its thick, padded and adjustable straps. An excellent bag for travel, you can easily sling it onto your back, freeing up two arms to carry a baby, push a pram or load up on shopping. 

The backpack design includes eight carefully thought out pockets and a generous zip-around opening makes finding a dummy, rusk, your keys or whatever you need in an instant easy. Made from gloriously soft premium faux leather, this bag is water-resistant and wipes clean both on the exterior AND interior. Never fear a loose bottle lid again! And when you’re done using this bag as a nappy bag, it can live on as a work bag – it can fit a 15” Macbook laptop in the main compartment. Score!

SAVE 15% on all OiOi products

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Redsbaby SKIP² Stroller

PRICE: $449
WHERE TO BUY: Redsbaby

Redsbaby Skip2 Travel Pram
Source: Supplied

A lightweight, compact stroller makes ALL the difference when travelling with baby or toddler on board and the Redsbaby SKIP² stroller fits the brief PERFECTLY (even on a plane!). It even has a FULL recline seat for naps on the run AND has a one-piece fold!

Featuring a large extension canopy, a newborn to 20kg seat weight capacity and an easy to access storage basket, this stroller is made for getting around with ease, no matter where you are. It’s easy to lift and store thanks to its compact fold, handy storage bag and shoulder strap, fitting in car boots and overhead cabin storage compartments with ease. The included added extras, valued at over $95, are carefully thought of which we love – tall handlebar, a UPF50+ Sun & Sleep Shade, Cup Holder and Pram Clips. Redsbaby SKIP² Stroller, a brilliant option to move lightly, anywhere.

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RochiLou 59S UV Sterilising PaciPod

PRICE: $49.95

RochiLou 59S UV Sterilising PaciPod
Source: Supplied

There’s nothing worse than dropping a dummy or teether being accidentally tossed onto a dirty floor and having no way to sterilise it before popping it back in bub’s mouth. Here’s where the PaciPod is going to be an absolute lifesaver, zapping pesky germs in no time!

A portable pod design that easily fits in your bag, the 59S PaciPod eliminates up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria from bottle teats, dummies, teethers, small toys, even breast pump accessories or nipple shields when on the go, whenever and wherever you need. Many hospitals use this very same UV light technology to sterilise medical equipment and more so you can rest assured you’re getting hospital-grade sterilisation from your PaciPod!

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Storksak Stroller Organiser Luxe

PRICE: $64.99
WHERE TO BUY: Storksak

Storksak Organiser
Source: Supplied

How smug will you be to have all of the daily essentials you need right there at your fingertips, on your stroller with the gorgeous Storksak Stroller Organiser Luxe? Super smug, I tell you!

Designed to fit most stroller bars and handles, the organiser is made from durable, water-resistant scuba material with a wipe-clean lining and is finished off beautifully with rose-gold hardware. This is one accessory that you will go on to use every single day!  Want to know what it holds? PLENTY. You’ll find a zipped main opening keeping valuables safe, a removable insulated bottle sleeve, five pockets for nappies, wipes and storage for all the snacks, plus it even has an elasticated bottle loop to keep drinks upright while travelling with baby. Awesome!

15% OFF all Storksak Products Online 
EXPIRES: 31/12/21

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That’s it, folks, all of our favourite baby travel essentials to see you set off on a weekend away or extended holiday, making travelling with baby just that little bit easier. Happy travelling, send us a postcard!

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